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Thanks India

One of things I love it most is when people share great ideas…specially when you need it most!

I was asked for cooking in a school party in Den Haag…so i wake up early, clean up the bike, went shopping and cycled thru the city with the idea everything was settled…but getting there i discovered my mistake! I thought we were cooking for 100 kids…but then i realized that all parents/brothers/sisters/friends/teachers would be there too! AHHHHHHHH…

First we decided to make small pizzas, so it would fit around 7 pizzas inside the oven…but the biggest problem was that people were not pre-cooking the dough…they were rolling and mouting the pizzas at the same time…so all the pizzas were  gluing at my paddle, making really hard to lay them off at the oven bottom! AHHHHHHHHHHH again…

With just one oven and no space-time for pre-cooking pizzas I was quite loosing control… till Mansi came around with her amazing idea…she told me that in India they cook this kind of dough at the oven’s wall…and maybe should be an idea making the pre-cooking dough at the top of the oven.

I say yes…and like a magic step everything began to run again! I was soooo happy with it! It was perfect and it saved my day! Yeah!

Nice things about the multi-culturally is that we can find different solutions for the same problem!  Thanks Mansi for bringing the India solution….and Thanks India for inventing it:)

Great things about destiny!

Sometimes destiny strikes you so hard, it makes you believe everything in the world is driven by it. I had my turn two weeks ago. I’ve got a phone call from the Royal Academy of Arts from Den Haag asking me for a pizza party for the graduation party of this year…when they told me the date, I had to say no. I’ve had a wedding planned instead! Ahhhhhh…

I was willing to do the job very much, but It appeared exactly at an already occupied day!!! Quite frustrated and disappointed, I got back to the academie to tell the bad news….no pizza for the arty people!

…. and exactly 3 minutes and 36 seconds later ….. destiny strikes!

Entered at my office two young fresh interesting people ( Cantal and Vincent) looking around and floating through the tables…interested in our architecture, green projects, our boat and everything else that keeps us busy. And  they also got fascinated by the pizzaoven project……15 minutes and 13 seconds later I asked them what their study was…and guess what, it was the Royal Academy of Arts…ahhhhhh…then I asked them which year they were coursing… The last year of course! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH….actually I was supposed to cook for them! Then I asked them if they were going to the party…and they told me NO!…..NOOO??!!…one of them failed in the last year.

I was so amazed with this story that I offered my bike so they could make a Grand entrance in their own “supposed to be” graduation party…and they said YES! or better, YEAH!


Fixing happiness!

Fixing Happiness

My good friend Kees invited me for cooking in Rotterdam…and how could i say no?! Wake up early in the morning, arranged all the pizza stuff, clean the bike, fixed the suspension of the oven and rest my pair of legs…everything according to plan! BUT…knowing our crazy project, i can tell that always  something to make or lifes more exciting happens! And this time it was not the route or the rain…it was the tire!

It exploded during my trip…BOOM!…not even a small pssssssss….but the classic BOOOOMMMMM!!!Ufffff it looked like game over, 4km right  from the destination!

After pushing our bike with a flat tire through Rotterdam i arrived at the party…Lot’s of kids, parents, pizzas, eating and speaking all together….but the only thing i could think about was…How are we getting home? At that little moment of panic, Evelien came with this telephone number from a guy who knows how to repairs bikes at location! WOOWWWW….exactly what i needed! Some grease in our mozarella-machine! Suddenly Peter was fixing our bike and Kees fixed everyone else’s happiness! YEAH!

Botucatu Roots!

Last week i went cooking in rotterdam with our PizzaBakFiets…We were invited for the Eden Mobiel Festival to cook in their unexpected garden…and i could say it was so unexpected that i got lost in Rotterdam!!!AHHHH…. Dani, a brazilian friend of mine who was helping me that day, said to keep calm and bike forward! That words brought me peace…and some really good memories from the past!

Daniela comes from Botucatu…the city where i got in touch with the pizza culture. When i was a student i did lot’s of trips to the “Sitio Beira Serra” farm. There i learned the basic knowledge about Green architecture, Eco installations and of course Pizza Ovens!

My masters Brant and Victor Lotufo told me the most important lesson in my architecture career: It’s not about bricks, tomato sauce or clay…it’s about using those things to reach and connect with people!

All those memories came in a flash during my rushing bike trip…it’s not about being on time, delivering the pizzas,burning the wood…. it’s about giving the people chance of being part of it! Yeah!!!! Thanks Dani for the lesson… thanks Pacific Enterprise for the opportunity…and thanks Botucatu for existing:)

Taking over!

Hello Friends! After the big screen adventure ( which is still not done yet:) we came back doing our pizzas….and this time with an old friend! The super oven in the Basisschool Startpunt in Den Haag!They were opening the new vegetable garden and asked me if i could cook some pizzas for the guests…and i say YEAH! My first idea was cooking for some kids and their parents…but soon enough i realize that we should have more clients then expected! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! In the rush of preparing the things for the party arrived the crew how saved me ( and the party)….The student’s mothers!

They were so good i was quite ashamed with my young brazilian pizza skills! The pizzas finally were round, the composition were great and even the cooking technics was astonishing( one of the mothers took the pizza paddle and start cooking like it was the most normal thing in the world!) Yeahhhhh twice! They really took over the pizzeria!

In the end of the party one of the teachers asked me the secrets for cooking on the super oven…and i told her: Call the mothers crew! They know!

Thanks everybody…you guys rock!

Growing a Soul!

Building sometimes gives me more this feeling of growing a soul then actually assembling materials…and i can say it reflects perfectly at this oven:)

First of all was the meeting with Alexa and Ed! Suddenly i’ve got an e-mail from someone really enthusiastic person looking for someone who could build a pizza oven in Den Haag…. She inviteded me for a quick meeting at their kitchen table where we made THE PLAN!!!(but of course this is not the way it goes)….during buying the materials we changed the plan so much that suddenly the spirit of the oven was choosing for us…no drawings or schemes needed! Following our feeling we came out with something much better !

A better location, a great base and wonderful stones! For almost every decision we were choosing according to our feeling, and after some days and night of work Oliii was born! The name came after the oven was finished…looking at a distance we realized it looks like and elephant…big foots, rough skin and a friendly look:)….two minutes later Ed told me that Oliii was the name of the beach where he asked Alexa for being his wife! WOWWWWW

Sometimes we need a plan, but we never shouldn’t forget our feeling! That is the special mixture for building a soul:)

Thanks Alexa and Ed…you guys are great! And thanks Maarten and Esther for that great help…Now is time for some pizzas:) YEAH!

Building your own gift!

Hello Pizza Oven Builders friends…

…the spring has arrived and the building season is started…and here is one of my first ovens from 2013!

When Paul and Marjolein got married their friends gave them a great gift: an outside oven! The only problem was that they didn’t have a clue how to begin building their own gift…there is where i came in! After discussing briefly the project we decided to start the construction…we choose to make the super oven on top of a 4 arch concrete tiles, with a extra layer of wine bottles in the button, an extended brick arch door( one and a half brick) and the triple layer for the oven. Bricks, clay/stro and clay composed the 17 cm  wall…allowing Marjolein cooking her future bread:)

Soon enough i told them building such an oven it will costs at least 3 days of work…and they told me they wanted to do it in 2! Ahhhhhhh….and guess what…we almost did it! ( technically we did it…just miss the last layer of clay that takes 30 min!)…i was so surprise that we did it in such a record time! But if you check the pictures closely you will discover why…

…the crew was fantastic! Great friends…amazing neighbours and really enthusiastic hosts! You guys rock:)

Thanks Paul and Marjolein for the adventure…and see you guys soon for starting this oven up…and don’t forget: The best is still to come:) Hummm

It’s on!

Yeah people…the superoven is on!!! After a long winter resting under his shelter finally he got his first taste of fire and smoke! Built last year september this oven is no normal oven…a mix between our brick dome technic and Jan’s clay-isolation expertise we built this beauty! Last wednesday we fire it up for some pizza cooking with all teachers from the Basis school Startpunt in Den Haag! And guess what…it was great! Really steady fire, good under cooking and no cracks at all! YEAH! Next time we will go for the bread cooking:)

Biologic market!

For the third year in a row we participate for the education program from the Aloysius College in Den Haag! After having a great PeoplePlanetPicnikParty and building an Egyptian oven, this year the challenge was cooking at the Bio market in the city centre! Searching and researching the ingredients and finally making their own lunch was a great adventure for the kids…Asking where cheese came from and discovering if the olive oil really come from Italy was one of many other stories they found out! Yeah for the Kids…and Yeah for the Biological Market! Every wednesday in front of the Dutch congress!

Special thanks for the Teacher Marijn!

Water against clay!

 Diederick and his beauty!

The biggest paradox of  pizza ovens are the relation between clay and water…They help as much as they destroy each other ….while building a pizza oven water helps bringing the clay at his best performance…once the oven is finished, water destroys slowly his best friend clay. Lot’s of solutions were already thought for this problem. The best current solution is building a roof on top of the oven!

But as you guys know me, i don’t get enough with this one.

In Brasil i’ve heard that people were mixing milk on the top layer from the oven for more resistance…after some research and phone calls i discovered that Calcic should be a good ingredient to the clay mix…so with almost no thinking i just made this mix (40 kg sand – 10 kg clay – 10 kg calcic – 2 kg sugar) and applied on top of the Kortenbos oven…and it looks good!!! Fingers cross for the results!

Probably this is still not the ultimate solution for the paradox… but surely we are on step closer to upgrade our ovens! Thanks Diederick for believing on it! YEAH!

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