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Founding faith!

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Is quite a long time that I wrote something in our pizza oven blog…for the last year I believed that I lived all pizza adventures we can imagine…from movies to cycling pizza parties, crazy Ireland ovens and some unfinished constructions deceptions. I lost faith on that magic once I feel in love with….till I met Rienk:)


We know each other from our “other” work…but since I mention the building experience and the oven adventures one thing got stuck in his mind: “I am gonna build on of these in my garden!”  All our business meetings end up discussing the pizza ovens, and it became his saturday project!


Once I got tired of building random ovens around The Netherlands, so I’ve wrote this manual telling people the secrets of building an oven…lot’s of people downloaded, but Rienk was the first one coming back with questions and observations! Slowly his enthusiasm and faith on that magic touch me once again…like that unforgettable sunset evening at my university in Campinas.


Still skeptical I decided to build the dome with him. I thought it would be a nice way of getting closer to my business relation, but what I didn’t expect falling in love with the pizza ovens again! Technically everything was the same…a good base, perfect bed of bricks and a nice round oven! The ventilation works fine and the chimney is great…


what was really amazing were their smiles, memories and dreams of cooking pizzas for their loved ones!

That’s all about! And I’ve forgot that!

I kind of realised that beter that knowing everything is knowing everybody!


Thanks Rienk and the family…you guys rock!


Half built


Every pizza oven has his own story. Normally they are happy and full of joy, but sometimes what seems a perfect adventure ends up in something completely different.

Last summer I’ve got a call from a designer in Den Haag asking me for a pizza oven price…she told me they were making plans for a school in de Schilderswijk in Den Haag, and the school really wanted a pizza oven. I gave them the price and wait for the answer… four months later I’ve got a call from the same designer telling me that they wanted the oven as soon as possible for the Halloween party in October!

The week after I made a plan and start buying the materials…discussed the plans with the school and got the keys from their yard. It was a complex oven because I was building in a terrace, so I’ve needed to hang the structure on the side walls. Two big arches were needed for the base.

Soon as we started I felt some strange vibe around the project…nobody was coming along to see the construction, nobody was even interested in what we were doing. School teachers were not even looking at the window to check the oven. Feed-back zero! The only ones who did care were the children…they were excited with the story and wanted to eat pizzas at all costs.

Half way the construction I’ve heard that the project of the school yard  has stopped because a dispute between the school, the designer and city council. They disagreed at the results of the process even before it was finished. One was expecting a green school in October, the other was complaining about the bad execution and the third was saying there was no budget…and I was there, trapped in a half build school yard with my half built pizza oven.

Sometimes I ask myself what half built things makes with our lives. We build up expectations of doing something great and then we just made half of it! It’s a huge disappointment!

Is like willing to eat a cake, make the cake and not even place it in the oven. Sometimes I can’t understand why people do that. Maybe is because the lack of interest…or maybe is because the interest lays somewhere else.

At the project in the Schilderswijk I realised everyone was busy with something else. And I was there…in a half built story which I never intend to be.

I love people instead of building contracts, smiles instead of e-mails and laughs instead of voicemails…


I decided to finish the oven for the school. I gave a halloween pizza party for the kids. I payed all costs for the Gemeente and wrote this story for me,  so I can remember myself:  I don’t leave things half build.Ever!


Good night!

Stone seeker


I love bricks…they are the basic unit of architecture. But after our visit in Ireland I’ve got also excited with stones:)

The main difference between them is that a clay brick is always the same shape, and the stone is always a surprise. Between the landscape full with sheep, rain and great people what took my eye in Ireland was they culture around stones. Between walls and castles, the Irish people is always looking for the right stone for the right place. No plans needed!

I’ve saw that building a pizza oven at Angus organic farm this summer. The idea in first place was quite vague…we didn’t plan or draw anything in forehand. He came with his “L” shape rock and I just left my predescribed tools behind. This oven was meant be something different.

First of all we couldn’t fine any brick or clay, the whole island is a gigantic rock! We decided to make a half dome with the existing stones and use fire resistent cement in place of clay. After three minutes building I realise my masonry skills were minimal next to Angus experience. Used to make rocky walls in Ireland and Australia, Angus has an eagle eye for finding stones and a precise hand for shaping them. Stone by stone we built our half arch and dome laying perfectly into the original base.

When we finished the oven, I was surprised with the result…It looked that it was always there.

A brand new ancient pizza oven:) It was amazing to feel the magic of  stacking stones…it’s not just making something structural or functional…but is the art of creating meaning by re-arranging the landscape! WoW!

Thanks Angus and Woof”ers…You guys were great!!!!! Yeah!


My first memory…

…the one I will always remember!

My first memory was playing at my aunts house in Campinas…it’s about playing with my flying car on a great white bench on a beautiful sunny day! Everyone was like a giant to me and I was just fascinated about the car and that bench!

Last month  we cooked pizzas with Ramses, Kim and their neighbours….It was not the first time we cooked there, but for the children everything seemed new!

In between jumping on the huge bouncing castle, playing football and catch me if you can,  we made dough together with the kids.  For the first time I didn’t do it just by myself. They called me Tomato ( they could’t say Renato) and we started mixing the flour, olive oil , sugar, salt and water…Everyone could do something. I could see in they eyes that they took the task very seriously. The magic of assembling strange ingredients and creating something completely new caught their attention.

After the party one of the parents asked us: “I don’t know if you guys realised it, but giving them a chance to help cooking for the whole neighbourhood might as well have made such an impression on them that it could become their first memory.”…Wow!!!

We started this project to inspire people! But I never realised we could be part of one of their first memories in life! Maybe our simple flour and the olive oil could become part of their dreams…and me, Tomato would always be that tall huge legged guy which brought them that moment of recording!


We love Monnickedam!

And who doesn’t? Since our first experience with the Monnickedammers we get more and more surprised about how great they are…. they are giving us tips, screws and shelter and they impress me all the time! Even when they are not in Monnickedam!

Last november we cooked pizzas in the wind mill from Anna…showing the movie and asking people to share with us what they like! We got many funny  things…but the most surprising one came from a Monnickedammer! She invited us for coming to cook some pizzas (guess where??!!) in Monnickedam!!!!

For our surprise it wasn’t her own party…but her best friends party! Ria celebrated her 65th birthday and together with Daan they celebrated their 45th aniversary. Every thing fell in place….the weather was great, the neighbours saved us from getting a parking ticket and the location – Het Weeshuis – was astonishing, an old building with lot’s of  meaning and history.

Even the building was doing his share at the Monnickedamse charm…we had to bring the bike into the garden through two doors…the first one we had 10cm extra space…but the second one turned out to be a big challenge…

The door was to small for the bike by 2 millimeters !

Luckly at the same height of the wheel axe the wall was already a little bit damaged, leaving us with the exact space to fit the bike.

YEAHHHH…even the buildings in Monnickedam are made for our pizzaOVENbike!

Thanks Ria and Daan for the opportunity…and many thanks for all the monnickedammers…We love you guys!

PIETse oven

Every oven we build has his own soul…and my new one is finally ready…and we called PIETse oven! .

Our history of mobile pizza has many tales… First was the MPO, an oven made with rest materials on top of a supermarket car! He was definitely a high maintenance  object!

Then came the PizzaBakFiets oven…the first on top of the bike! He was cute and light…but lost most of his clay every time we met some obstacles on the way! In response to that we build Frankystoven…the super iron clay oven! He was strong and big…travelled the fietzerria trip without breaking anything…till one day his suspension systeem didn’t support his robust fame!

Now is the season of PIETse OVEN…his name is a honor to PIET, my father in law! From him I’ve got so many tips, advices and attributes for developing the suspension system, the water system and other improvements. He was so important in this process I couldn’t call this oven with another name! Thanks Piet for the help…and hopefully this PIETse OVEN will cook lot’s of PIETzzas in the future!!! YEAH!

p.s…take a look at the photo reportage from the PIETse OVEN!

Dancing pizzas:)


Here we go again…the sun came out and everyone (specially here in The Netherlands) are going outside from their cave:) The perfect timing for starting our new season of cooking, laughing and inventing things with the Fietzerria! YEAH

The first pizza party already took place in Den Haag some weeks ago…and it was a special one:)

Last year we produced our documentary Fietzerria by exchanging pizzas for everything…from film editing to the rent of the cinema…everyone got pizzas for their work. But it was missing one important payoff to be done…Kees Gelderblom and his music! He and Lilian Vieira made an amazing soundtrack for our movie, bringing the brazilian atmosphere into our polder images! Songs like the Fietzerria and Vai brought a new dimension for our adventure, pushing us for making a better movie. All thanks for Kees and his composition!

Kees told us that the birthday of their daughters was coming up, so we decided was time for us bringing some pizzas into their home:) And guess what, it was great! Thanks Kees, Bertha and the girls…you guys were great:) And hopefully we will make much more dancing pizzas soon!

Community building

Joep's greenhouse oven

Last week I’ve got a brainstorm session about the future of architecture…One of my conclusions was that now it’s time for building up human relations instead of brick sculptures. People instead of cement!

The nice thing about our pizza project is that we try to get abstract concepts done. And the nicest thing is that it actually works!

Today I’ve got some news from my uncle Joep  and his family (Dory, Hans, Leo, Sanne and Jesse). They’re following my project since the beginning…always supporting, commenting and of course eating my pizzas!

One day the family decided to build their own pizza oven. I gave them some tips and info and they managed to build a mobile oven in their garden. But it didn’t stop there…now they are inventing and developing the art of building and cooking…yesterday they send me this picture…Joep’s  greenhouse solution to protect the oven against the rain and cold! WOOOOWWW…Much better then my own ideas I have to confess!

More then the technical solutions from uncle, the fact that the family is becoming as crazy as me about pizza ovens enjoys me the most…they are believing in the same values that made me do this project in the first place! We are part of the same community…doing the things we like, sharing the ideas with others and enjoying the results as they are!YEAH!!!

Wanna join too?

We, the oven builders

manual Victor Lotufo pg2

Last week I received an e-mail with questions and doubts about building pizza ovens. I have to say it was not the first e-mail and I believe it will not be the last. The nice thing was that in the same week I saw the manual I’ve used to build my first pizza oven on facebook! It was written by my professor Victor Lotufo and it explains quite easily how to build an earth oven! I was so happy to see that, that I decided to make my own manual “How to build an oven in 10 steps” ( you can find it at the page “oven” at my website)(click here)

Friends and clients told me not to do it…they say I’m crazy reveling all my secrets, and that I was going to loose lot’s of jobs an opportunities by telling people how to build a pizza oven…but I don’t agree.

I believe  in people more then bricks…so why should I keep bricks information for myself instead of making people happy? My professor didn’t keep it to himself…and I will won’t do that eather!

YEAH for the pizza oven!

YEAH for we, the oven builders:)


The curve of excitement

It’s really funny how new ideas and experiences wake people up… by discovering the unknown it activates this kind of motor of excitement. But nothing is new forever.
When we started this pizza project we got enthusiastic with the art of cooking and building ovens…it was amazing developing new ideas and methods for our project. After 4 seasons of pizzas, one huge trip through the country and more then 15 ovens built in the Netherlands, we are asking ourselves what is the new thing…
Last tuesday we went to the Breek for our first pizza party from this year…making dough, tomato sauce and teaching how to cook a pizza…all of the things are no secret anymore…when all the party was set up the birthday man (Hans) he asks me to give a speech about sharing…I was really nervous because I didn’t knew what to say. I decided to give them an overview from our pizza adventure since the really beggining in Brasil.
During my talk a saw shinning eyes and smiling faces…what is old and boring for me is mind blowing for the other…and I became aware of the fact that if I had so many stories to tell at my 32th, imagine what all the other people have to offer!!!
That changed my mind…I realized my curve of excitement is not hidden somewhere between cheese or bikes, mussarela and fire…this time it will be coming out of you…the soul who I am willing to meet:) YEAH!
Thanks Anna and Hans for the incredible party! You guys rock:)

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