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The curve of excitement

It’s really funny how new ideas and experiences wake people up… by discovering the unknown it activates this kind of motor of excitement. But nothing is new forever.
When we started this pizza project we got enthusiastic with the art of cooking and building ovens…it was amazing developing new ideas and methods for our project. After 4 seasons of pizzas, one huge trip through the country and more then 15 ovens built in the Netherlands, we are asking ourselves what is the new thing…
Last tuesday we went to the Breek for our first pizza party from this year…making dough, tomato sauce and teaching how to cook a pizza…all of the things are no secret anymore…when all the party was set up the birthday man (Hans) he asks me to give a speech about sharing…I was really nervous because I didn’t knew what to say. I decided to give them an overview from our pizza adventure since the really beggining in Brasil.
During my talk a saw shinning eyes and smiling faces…what is old and boring for me is mind blowing for the other…and I became aware of the fact that if I had so many stories to tell at my 32th, imagine what all the other people have to offer!!!
That changed my mind…I realized my curve of excitement is not hidden somewhere between cheese or bikes, mussarela and fire…this time it will be coming out of you…the soul who I am willing to meet:) YEAH!
Thanks Anna and Hans for the incredible party! You guys rock:)

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Monique Hulshof

February 21, 2014 at 12:37 pm

Renatinho (será que alguém ainda chama você assim?), seu blog é fantástico! Li vários dos seus posts e fiquei emocionada ao ler você transformando coisas tão simples em experiências extraordinárias!!! Vi que passaram o documentário em São Paulo (perdi!!!)… é possível baixá-lo em algum lugar? Fiquei muito curiosa pra ver! Um abraço apertado do Brasil :)


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