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Felicidade não se dá, troca-se.

Who is the one that defines the value in an exchange? When we decide if it’s fair? The nice thing about exchange is the justice in it.

Last week we came back to the Breek ( the windmill close by Hoorn) for screening our documentary about sharing. Anna, our host and newest great friend challenged us for doing something special…our idea was exchanging the movie with the audience!

We charged 5 euros for the film, and if the people had something to give us back we would return the initial fee.

Great plan, but always with great plans we got surprised…First of all were the stuff we’ve got…I think we could make a boat from all the maritime equipments…Secondly was the effort, from photographers to sailors everyone was donating time for our cause!

But the most special result from our evening was the fact that actually people were not just exchanging things, they were sharing it. And when you share you set yourself for the other rather then solving your 5 euros problem.

You can’t give happiness, share it!

Thanks Anna and the people from the Breek…we’ve got so many ideas and inspiration from that movie night that it will fill completely our 2014 sketch books!

Merry Christmas and Happy new YEAR everybody…It was great!


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