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Who is the guest and who is the host?


In order to improve my dutch i’ve got a really small book full with images from the bookcase…Suddenly i saw this page, and immediately  got the exact words which describe the dynamic of our pizza parties:

…”Gather all your friends around you and make sure your hospitality surprises them in such a way that makes them forget who is the guest and who is the host.Thomas Bailey Aldrich“…

Wow…that’s what the pizza parties do! Through friendship, kindness and desorganization we assemble all people together for the activity of cooking…There is no punishment for the barbecue cook, no excluded people at the end of the table and for sure no stressed host… It’s the place were the guest engages being host and the host can finally enjoy being guest! Yeah!!!


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Anita Atluri

June 13, 2013 at 6:23 pm

Hi! The Pizza Oven is sooooo.. the Greatest!! So far I’ve been to two pizza ovens, One in NYC/LA and the Other in Knysna . i made my Own pizza, it was yummy, really nice sunny and rainy Afternoons . thanks so much !


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