PIZZA journal

Let it go!!!!


Sometimes you have to let it go! I am a kind of perfectionist, trying to make the best pizza ever…from the oven to the stomach! Is really hard to believe people can as good as yourself! But hein…i am not Italian and i am not a professional pizza baker either…( just another architect with some crazy ideas!)…  if nobody ever did mistakes how could they learn? The philosophy from our pizza parties are that you can do your own pizza…no menu’s, no 5 topping choices, no crazy pizza names…YOUR OWN PIZZA…and after a while i am realizing that i should let it go all the concerns of the pizza perfection and let the people make their pizza! Even if that one is full with ashes and tasting fire! It can be not as delicious as i imagine, but for sure it is their unforgettable experience:)

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