We believe in people more than pizza, but we also believe that pizza can bring people together!

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Hello everyone…

My name is Renato and i am a pizza fanatic!

Everything started at the architecture university in Brazil, where i learned how to build and enjoy pizza ovens!

Besides ovens i am an creative architect working in holland for the past six years. Last year i founded Morfis architecture/Urbanism where i can exercise my profession.

I believe in people more then bricks.

I also believe that bricks can bring people together!

The Pizza Community


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Fietzerria! 3 weeks 200 kg no shelter bakfiets good times

Fietzerria Trailer

Fietzerria | an adventure about sharing | trailer from renatojeuken on Vimeo. I have to say our planning during the Fietzerria project is not the most usual. Is like eating desert before the starter! We began with the trip…then we thought about a script and now we finish the trailer! YEAH!Hope you guys enjoy it! […]

Felicidade não se dá, troca-se.

Who is the one that defines the value in an exchange? When we decide if it’s fair? The nice thing about exchange is the justice in it. Last week we came back to the Breek ( the windmill close by Hoorn) for screening our documentary about sharing. Anna, our host and newest great friend challenged […]