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Smile making!

Some weeks ago i was asked to place our pizzaBAKfiets in the National congress of urban space… They guys which i work for ( in my real job) believed it was a good idea bringing the bike…i asked them what was the point of cooking pizza’s on a suit congress? They answered me: Place making! Yeah…

After some e-mails the organization of the congress denied cooking pizzas inside their hall. I was quite disappointed but i accepted the fact it could be  dangerous making fire inside the Madurodam.

I arrived to the place “a little bit” late and couldn’t park the bike inside…the guests were already in the floor and our stand was quite empty!AHHHHH… I ask them when should i bring the bike in and they answered me: NOW

Woowwwww…then i start cycling inside the congress using crazily the TrimTrimTrim and swinging through the professional public…what an experience…i saw laughing,smiles and spontaneously  moves from my seat…then i realized two things…

…people on a suit are still normal people and that i am not riding just a mobile pizza oven, but a smile making machine! YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!

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