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My favorites!

With the help from some friend(Puck-Wilbert-Lies) i could register my 2 favorites pizzas ever!!!! First one is an artichoke – anchovies – mussarela – basilicum pizza! The salty taste of the anchovies with the smelting mussarela on top makes for me one of the most powerful combinations! The tomato sauce is also SO IMPORTANT in this pizza…it gives the equilibrium from the components! Hummm!!!!My second favorite pizza is the strawberries – pure chocolate …simple and perfect for finishing a great evening!Just to good to be true!!!


Pizza Menu

Dear Pizza friends…evolution is always part of any kind of process…we just have to believe that things can be better! Like that we decided to make our own PIZZA menu…and you can help us! Send us your favorite pizza and we will make it for you! Of course all the italians are already complaining against this infamous proposition…, but hey,… you can send it too! contact us

The bike frame is ready!

Hello pizza friends…finally the bike frame is ready and we can start building the BAKfiets. With a combination between a steel frame and a old wooden look our bike will be a real sustainable  kitchen machine. See you guys soon in the streets of the netherlands!

It’s on the bike!!!

Finally the oven is completely mobile!!!! After an adventurous morning we could place the MPO on a temporary Bakfiets… Tomorrow would be the first time we are gonna cook on a bike!!!! Next week the real bike would be finished and finally our mobile challenge will be complete!

Spring Party!!!!

The pizza season has started!!!! And well started!!! Today is the birthday party from Letty and Puck and we are celebrating with….humm…PIZZA!!!!! The spring party is on and it promises a lot of “gezelligheid” for us all! Happy birthday Puck and Letty and we hope that our the pizzas will be as good as your girls smiles:)!

The pizza bike is coming!!!

Dear friends, is with proud that we can announce that our pizza bike is coming!Still at the fabric, the BAKfiets is taking shape and probably next week it will be crossing the dutch streets! Made with steel, wood and clay, this bike will be the most advance cooking device ever made! To be continued…

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