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The pizzaBAKfiets is ready!

After three months of designing, building and sweating our pizzaBAKfiets is finally ready!With a brand new pizza oven, gas stove, mechanical shaker, parasol and 2 tables the pizzaBAKfiets is a complete mobile outside kitchen. Our first party was at the PanderTuin and it was an success…Lots of people and children has enjoyed our fresh pizzas! Special thanks for Jose , Bert( ecolofiets) and Kees! Groetjes, My pizza oven!

The Last from the First!

Normally nobody really remember the last pizza…is always eaten when people are tired, going home or satisfy! But this one we will always remember! At the 30 birthday from Arjen we cook the last pizza from the first MPO(mobile pizza oven)Since september last year we the MPO is active, showing why he is one of a kind! Doubts?…just ask all the enthusiastic people has joined Arjen’s culinary birthday party!But fellows, don’t worry because the MPO saga will continue…

ArchiCrisisCup 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, the ArchiCrisisCup was a sucess….! After a lot of rain in our way, we could manage with the 5 highlander teams from Den Haag (Atelier Pro – Global Architects – Bal-le-Petit architecture – Morfis architecture – Morfis urbanism) one of the most participative – cosy – competitive – integrate – innovative – cheap – funny ¬†archicup ever! Thanks for everybody….Mypizzaoven!( sponsor )

Crisis?What Crisis? Archicup 2011

Soccer is one of the sports witch we can play all over the world, with all sort from people and cultures.It doesn’t recognize boundaries or economical crisis. For that we are organizing the CrisisCup 2011, uniting the architects from Den Haag with soccer…and pizza! Sponsored by Ecolofiets ,Kano Verhuur Den Haag and us, we are want to show what Mies van der Rohe already knew…Less is More!

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