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Dear pizza fans…last thursday i went to Zurich for checking out a location for our next architecture competition…The project is some dwellings next to a soccer stadium…After 9 hours driving from Rotterdam to Zurich we arrived in the future site from our design, and the first thing i saw behind the fence was….a pizza oven!!!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Incredible …some times is really hard to believe in destiny, but not this time! Here we go making architecture with lot’s of pizza’s flavors!!! 

TAPATU’s pizzeria!!!

Yeah…we were there cooking pizza’s  in the centre of The Hague!!! Ask by the organization from the children festival de betovering we did two days pizza’s workshop with the kids in front of the Theater aan het Spui! In the main hall the children were building a city called Tapatu! With lot’s of houses, a square with a monument and a city gate Tapatu’s citzen got their own pizzeria as well! Special thanks for the organization and Jeffrey and Dagmar for helping me on this quest!!! Tchau!!

The missing piece!

At some tuesday afternoon i’ve got an enthusiastic email from Erik asking me for building a pizza oven…in the same email was a link (op de valreep) which surprised me…when i clicked another world came into my screen, and directly i thought about one thing only…Pizza Oven! So i went to Amsterdam and they show me the location, an former animal shelter which has been squad in the last summer…I believe in people more then bricks…but i also believe that bricks can bring people together! I hope this oven will gather lot’s of good energy for your cause! Thanks for the opportunity…was great working with you guys!Special thanks for Erik and the builders…you guys rock!!!….Enjoy your pizzas!!!


Brazilians doesn’t know anything about bikes!

When we started this pizzaBAKfiets project, we believed we had everything under control…just easy to manage a pizza oven on top of a bike! Last sunday we went to Braamt in the Markant Outdoor centre for a pizza party…arriving at the place we discovered that our clients were all bike experts…uff…after some specific questions and great observations we realize we didn’t knew so much about bikes as we thought…but  we did knew how to cook pizzas…specially the chocolate one:) Thanks Paula Meijer for the opportunity… and the next time we will be ready!


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