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The fashion elephant!

After some long time thinking, designing and dreaming with the ultimate pizza t-shirt, now it became reality! We proudly presents Herbie on fabric…the fashion elephant!Special thanks for Wilbert van Dijk, our official graphic designer who invented Herbie and Rogerio Buccini who made our t-shirts in great quality!On green/black/yellow/white versions the t-shirts are just awesome!  The herbie shirt is not available for sale, but this collector item is for free… you just have to earn it! Spread the word of my pizza oven and you will get yours!Yeahhhh!!!  

Monkey meets Herbie!

Sharing is part of our philosophy! We share experiences, information, pizzas and adventures! One of the best things of sharing is that you connect with people! We believe in people! That’s why i am proud to announce that Herbie (our pizza elephant) is meeting the Monkey (our web artist gorilla!)! Surya Handayana, web artist and innovative network architect is with his Monkey Republic willing to design our new webpage for My pizza oven…Yeahhhhhh!!!!! From now on we will cook lot’s of monkey pizzas(banana’s, chocolate and vanilla ice!) for our gorilla friend:)

Brazilian trip!

After a busy 2011 season i went back to Brasil for some research with the experts in pizza ovens! Looking forward for some innovation i went visiting Alexandre and Joao Paulo, in Campinas. Pizza friends and experts in pottery since our university period,they show me exactly the properties of clay and how to work with it.Helping develop our pizza bike we brainstormed  how to make and stronger oven who should be able to travel with the bike not losing his light height and his cooking properties!Now is just put in practice all this information!!! Thanks guys!!!You rock!

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