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Egyptian Oven

When we thought running out of ideas about mobility, Marijn Smit gave us the opportunity/idea of innovating once again with our pizza ovens…instead placing them on top of bikes/supermarket cars and on auto mobiles, we are making the egyptian variant!  The idea is for the PeoplePicnikPlanetParty 2012, where the students from the Aloysius College should build their own pizza oven! The school ask us if we could make a mobile pizza oven, so we came with this “quite 3000 years” retro design… Thanks god(s) in their school there are many young strong hands for carrying this piece of work!


going to conquer Holland!

FIETZerria…what the f… are you doing? Why crossing the netherlands with a 200 kg pizza oven bike cooking pizza for people who you don’t know and trying to make contact with the one folk who actually prays privacy above all things? And how are you gonna survive in such trip if the only certain is the wind/rain/pain and NO money?If i were you, i will not do it! 

Unfortunately i am your brain’s right side and i know that you will NOT agree with my great advice! You still believes that just one smile, just your sign of kindness can change the world… your weakness is accepting as truth that everyone in the world has the same ideas and feelings…

I know what are you thinking…That me, your right logical side is wrong and that it’s ignorance not giving a chance for the mankind…well…i do believe forgiveness is a powerful act…but i just cannot see you( and me!) crossing Holland trying to exchange pizza’s for kindness and hope people will support you in this journey! It’s just not happening! Want my advice…

Stay at home and work out the real things for accomplishing happiness! Do that!…your crazy bastard!…Not!

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