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No hope!

Sometimes we loose hope on things, places and situations…things you already assume that will be a failure…but once i learned that the last thing you can give up is hope! When there are still hope, everything is possible:) Like this pizza! After cooking for some hours at the Vroesenpark in Rotterdam with the friends of Gert-Jan, came this guy with the most impossible pizza ever for cooking. The bottom was uncooked ( normally we pre-cook the pizza dough for avoiding pizza disasters inside the oven) and his pizza was really big…so big that it looked like a calzone! I told him that his master piece was quite doomed and he need to enter the row again with another pizza!…after some time he came back with a pre-cook dough and his old pizza on top!Whooow… After seen that, we decided we will cook that pizza no matter what! And guess what, his pizza was The Best pizza from the evening! Don’t give up on hope, instead give a chance for it!

Let it go!!!!


Sometimes you have to let it go! I am a kind of perfectionist, trying to make the best pizza ever…from the oven to the stomach! Is really hard to believe people can as good as yourself! But hein…i am not Italian and i am not a professional pizza baker either…( just another architect with some crazy ideas!)… ¬†if nobody ever did mistakes how could they learn? The philosophy from our pizza parties are that you can do your own pizza…no menu’s, no 5 topping choices, no crazy pizza names…YOUR OWN PIZZA…and after a while i am realizing that i should let it go all the concerns of the pizza perfection and let the people make their pizza! Even if that one is full with ashes and tasting fire! It can be not as delicious as i imagine, but for sure it is their unforgettable experience:)

CrisisCup 2012!

Dear friends…it was already a tradition eating pizza and watching soccer…but like this we don’t see so often! Archicup 2012 established a great sequence of architectural soccer moves and self made pizzas which started last year at the Westbroek park in Den Haag! Organized by atelier PRO, the tournament counted with 6 teams representing 8 architecture offices from the city…one more then last year! Like that we can say the crisis cup is getting better and better every year:) Hopefully next year will be the greater!!! Congrats for everybody…It was a pleasure!!!!

Pssssss….flat tire!!!

Yes folks…we have got a flat tire! First one since we began driving the pizzaBAKfiets…Arriving in Rotterdam for the festival Alice in the wondertuin, we crossed a construction site and suddenly psssssssssssss… Herbie, we’ve got a problem! ¬†Luckily we were 23 meter from our destination, so we cooked pizzas for all the children in the festival ( Special thanks for our little cooks) and after that we start the adventure of fixing the bike! Under rain and the wind, there was a “fietsmakker” ready to pump Herbie up! He was so impressed with our bike and we so amazed with his receptivity that we became friends instantly! Thanks Firma Schraven….You guys were the best! After that we drove the bike in a 3,5 hours trip to Den Haag…between cows and cars we took the pizza elephant for a ride!

Community Pizza!!!

Last three weeks i was on a trip to Brasil! Visiting friends, traveling with the family and enjoying what was left from the summer! But unexpectedly in my last day my sister came with a proposition for me and my cousins…”what about helping me and my friends from the community center making some pizzas?”… Yeahhhh…the season is already starting in Holland and i could not contain myself!!!! SURE…and guess what…it was not just some pizzas…they were 750 pizzas!!! What an adventure! Thanks for everyone who helped making them…i had a lot of fun!!!!And hopefully one day i will cook 750 pizzas here in Holland!

Binckhorst Pizza!


Last year we successfully marched with Sabrina Lindemann through the binckhorst with our cicling Caravan for promoting the Binckhorst! This year was different! Sabrina organized a series of presentations for ideas and inspirations for the Area, making body for a network group interested of changing this neighborhood! And of course, every discussion is nicer when filled with a good old fashion pizza! Thanks Sabrina for the opportunity! And goooooooo Binckhorst Netwerkers!

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