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The pizza building!!!

Unbelievable! Sometimes i get surprised with the way  pizza ovens can gain smiles:) Last week we support an architecture competition with Bloot architecture where we shared equally the passion between building and cooking…They entered with the design, and we entered with guess what!? Pizzas….in this case, an oven! Unexpectedly we got an e-mail inviting us for the prize ceremony…afterwards we got another e-mail inviting us “again” for the same event…humnnn…like cooking for children who repeat the same pizza 5 times, we guess the jury like our design and maybe by any chance we should get a prize from it…and Bingo!!!! First prize at the spot! Now looking forward for building this KASKIOSK and start getting together architecture and culinary ! Yeah….and here we come!


I like soccer as much as i like pizza! Normally in Brasil when someone scores a goal, the TV guy screams with all his long Gooooooooooooooollllllllll ….and i really enjoyed it! Since i moved to Holland i already got use to the sober and analytic way of commentating the matches….Last week i cooked for the European match between Holland and Germany at the office terrain in Rotterdam…everybody was super positive that the orange squad would win from The Germans…but unfortunately this was not the story…( want to know more about this match, check the news!)…But what i can say that in place of screaming Gooooooooool for the victory i did scream Cooooooooooooooooking for the pizzas….with an amount of 100 people we cooked around 130 pizzas in 4,5 hours…our record so far of cooking pizzas…Yeah…we did it…and we didn’t manage alone! Thanks everyone and specially Randy, Marijke, Jef, Kess, Frankystone and the pizzaBAKfiets…with out you guys nothing was possible!Next time in Brasil with the world cup and the screaming TV guy!


Looking at the numbers!!!

Actually is not about the pizza’s! It’s about what can you achieve and how far can you go with pizza’s! Today we won the “today’s winner award” from the CSS webdesign website (… and like a tropical hurricane our visitor’s number were growing crazily! I had a “wall street feeling” where somehow all it matters were the numbers…After some moments looking at them i decided to check out what all the 937 people has seen clicking the “link” button…and this were the words i saw: “We believe more in people then in pizza’s, but we also believe pizza’s can bring people together!” Actually is not about the prize or the pizza’s…is not about the number of visitors or the increasing click’s behaviors…today is about being together at the same “http://”… Thanks monkey republic and  for bringing the world into our world!!! And welcome you reader( not the number) and thanks of been part of this adventure…even if it’s just for today:)



God made the universe, the dutch made Holland and we gave birth to Frankystoven, the newest generation mobile pizza oven! Like his cousin Frankenstein, Frankystoven is formed by assembling  different materials, features and ideas into a living shape…in our case, a pizza oven! First, his light steel base with a suspension system…making it easy biking without  loosing half oven on the streets! Then, our compact isolation cooking floor made by warm reflective bricks…it works much better then the previous oven! But that’s not all…the oven itself is a piece of engineering! Franky has a double layer of hired steel net which helps keeping the clay together on the road trips…and the biggest innovation of them all…our water system providing warm water for cleaning the dishes and rolling another dough if needed! Using the heat from the oven we are heating water! And the other way around…cooling the oven when the party is finished! I can say Franky is one of a kind…but for sure not the last of his kind! Welcome Frankystoven, you are already part of our family:)


Mobile Movement!

mobile volkstuinIs quite logic and obvious…the essence of movement is mobility…but i can say after hours of art history classes that there are lot’s of movements that aren’t mobile! They could be dynamic or  innovative…but the literally concept of movement is missing! That’s why we enjoyed a lot cooking for Annechien Meier and her Mobile Volkstuin! Her mobile vegetable garden was parked in Ypenburg, Den Haag and she ask us for cooking pizza for the opening of the project…and we couldn’t say no!!!! We biked by and saw lot’s of people getting crazy with our mobile initiatives… Next step is preparing the ultimate Circus Karavan Art Tour  with all other moving structures we can gather! Here we go moving the movement!!!!

Where ever you can bike!

The nice thing about having a bike is that you can ride in almost all the corners of the city…and park literally at the door of your destination! Wednesday morning i got a early message(really early) from a friend asking me if i could bike our pizzaBAKfiets to the center of Den Haag! When i arrived at the place, i discovered he planned to expose my bike in a annual congress for all the city council politician from the Netherlands….Ahhhhhhhh…here was me with my pijamas biking the red carpet in between all this people on suits and laptops! And guess what, it was worth it! I didn’t cooked any pizza that day, but i definitely bike somewhere i never have been before!Yeah!

The strongest oven!

schiedam pizza oven

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present you the strongest oven ever built by this dutch/brazilian hands! Some months ago i was asked by Nathalie and Tosca to build the first brick mobile pizza oven…quite a challenge knowing that this structures can weight around 400 kg! I was quite afraid for this assignment, having nightmares about the oven sinking down the base structure and splashing in the ground… but when i arrived at the location i saw from a distance an object i didn’t expect… they called it The Tank! A huge mobile base made by steel and big wheels…so strong it could resist a bombardment! After seen that “bomb shelter”, i had no doubt it could support a pizza oven…and to catch up with the work made by the Schiedam crew,  i decided to build the strongest oven i ever made:) Thanks for Nathalie, Tosca, Roel ( the Tank builder) and the kids!!! You guys were great!

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