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Wanna be Gaudi!

Since my first architecture class in Brasil I decided who is gonna be my hero number 1…GAUDI! He inspire me so much that every time I am doing something I see myself trying to be him! Luckily I met Diederik who is a Gaudi fan too! He ask me to make a pizza oven in his vegetable garden in Den Haag and guess what was his inspiration? Gaudi!!! After building the second row of bricks i realize I am not as good as the master…but I felt the way he was thinking and designing…feeling the height of the brick, fighting against the laws of nature ( gravity in this case) and making profit from the materials…Something quite different then the modern architecture way of designing…where the architect became a 3d computer freaks making curves like they are making a cake! Thanks Gaudi for existing…and teaching that sometimes doing is more important then thinking! And thanks Diederik and the crew from the Kortebos Tuin…you guys were fantastic…and see you people soon for baking some pizzas!!!

FIETZerria: the fastest pizza party on human history!

Once the right side of my brain gave this advice: DON’T drive your 300 kg pizza bike through rain, wind and pain! It’s not funny! But guess what….I am doing it! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….  and i am not alone:) Bringing the documentary crew with me ( need a film crew…click here!)!


Why would we do that? Because we believe in sharing what we like! In one week time the FIETZerria will be on the road, leaving Rotterdam to the north  in search for the ultimate mobile pizza party! The goal from our two weeks trip is to prepare ourselves for the fastest craziest pizza party on human history: FIETZerria, the first cycling pizzeria in the world! What about riding a bike and cooking pizza at the same time?!!!And for such party we have chosen the perfect location….the AFSLUITDIJK! Are you dutch or not? ( for you who don’t have a clue what the afsluitdijk is…click here!)Cycling pizzas for 35 km on the afsluitdijk! Why would we do that? Because we believe in sharing what we like! And what do you believe? JOIN US on this adventure and share what you like!


FIETzerria….28th july leaving at 13:30 from the Molen De Hoop in Den Oever! Here we come!!!!

Rivalry or Friendship

When i heard it sounds dangerous…Tennis Tournament between Rotterdam and Amsterdam…I came in my mind all about the rivalry between the both cities…the soccer clashes between Ajax and Feyenoord and even my childhood memories watching Brasil playing against Argentina! This event had it all…and i was supposed to be in between, cooking pizza’s! But then something else happen…i saw no fights…i saw no screaming or shouting…i saw friends playing Tennis with almost ( i said almost!!!!) no care for the results…The sport gathers that crew together…like pizzas gets my ones! And even better when you get Herbie the pizza freak playing tennis and the tennis players cooking pizzas!!! Thanks the  Tennisclub Lommerrijk… you guys were the best…in all ways!!!( in ALL ways:)YEAH!

As father as son!

Quite funny this picture…after 6 hours of cooking with two ovens for the birthday party of Nathalie and Tosca in Schiedam i realized how important is the family!Looking at this picture i saw at first two of my newest ovens…Frankystone ( on the left) and the Tank…but i also saw two different technics, two different sizes, two different bases, two different shafts , two different skins! BUT…at the same time they belong to each other! Like the father an the son…They have the same soul! And that’s what i felt while cooking at this party…lot’s of different people with different ages and believes who became part of the same family! Thanks for the Schiedam family…and i will be back for that free workshop “how to cook a pizza without burning it”! Yeah!!!

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