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Made for it!

Unbelievable! The moment i arrived at Erik’s house i already start to doubt if our plan was going to work! For celebrating his graduation and birthday we organized  a pizza party at his garden…Everything was ready, the guests where invited…the garden was prepared … Annemieke’s tapas were already in the oven and my bike was at the door! Then come the inevitable question: how wide is you bike? Hummm…90 cm?! Kees already came with a tape measure and discovered our bike was actually 97 cm…and their garden door 100 cm!!! Uffffff… theoretically the pizzaBAKfiets was made for it… but that is just theoretically! We decided to give it a try…and after of lot’s of pushing and pulling, turning and returning, moving and removing we did it! YEAH! But that was not the end of our adventure…afterwards we also discovered that the chimney was pointing directly to one of their tree….Hummm….! Then came Kees again, this time with 4 metal pipes! He just made a curve on the chimney !!!WOW… i was amazed how perfect our plan was out coming…but then came the best: Deep in the pizza party i went to the toilet…just left for some minutes and when i came back i realized that the guests took over the pizza party…were people rolling the dough, other ones mounting the pizzas and a chef cook behind the oven! WOW and YEAH! Great people! Great place…it was just made for it! Thanks Erik, Annemieke and Kees for believing on it! Groetjes, Renato


Yes…we talked with Giel on the 3FM radio!!! It was great!!! And you know what was even greater?We wanted to talk with him two weeks ago!!!  Our  plan was to send them the idea and ask him for his support in our trip…After writing e-mails drafts, trying to find the right words and strategy to achieve our goal we confront ourselves with one of the biggest problem of modern times…lack of time! AHHHHHH…so we decided to do the FIETZerria anyway and let destiny decides what should happen with our impulsive project…After 2 weeks cycling, cooking and filming we met  Mike Muller…and talented 20 years old journalist who was buying bread in the corner shop in Den Oever…and he asked us: Did you guys had any attention from the Media?…hummmm….NO! He wrote an article for the Telegraaf and the morning after…at 7:34 am Esther’s phone rang…in the screen: “Unknown”…”Hello met Esther!?”…”Hello, met  3FM!!!”…..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…they found us via the journal article and asked us if we could exchange some words on the radio with Giel!And… Yeah, of course! Sometimes the most extraordinary things happen at the moment we lost hope on them…the secret is just keep going with the things we believe in and don’t let small frustrations become the reason for quitting! Ram q Ram!

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