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The 2012 season!Yeah!

Mypizzaoven 2012 season from renatojeuken on Vimeo.

Hello Friends….the winter has come and he stopped our pizza/cooking/biking activities for this year(is just a little bit to cold to do this kind of things)… It was just great…we did the nicest pizza parties , we build wonderful ovens, a great new website and shoot our Fietzerria documentary! WOW… Me and the team just want to say Thanks for the support! YEAH!…now we are getting ready for the winter activities which includes our new PDF/book “How to make pizza ovens in 10 steps” and of course editing the Fietzerria movie which is coming up next year! Enjoy our movie and see you guys soon!!!

Sharing and learning!

This are the things that makes the difference in our life’s (at least at my one!) I had always my own experiences, ideas and methods of making things like a pizza oven…but then suddenly you meet someone who shares the same interests and ideas, who is eager to grow and develop the craftsmanship at same level you do! And guess what, i met this person and his name is Jan(click here for his website)! When i arrived at his natural garden project in Den Haag i was already surprised with his work…going forward not just designing the garden but building as well! Wow…that’s just great!

He call me for building a pizza oven at the Startpunt(great school in Den Haag) natural garden. He had done once an workshop and bough a book about clay ovens, and asked me if we could make together something like that! Crazy enough i had the same book and the same will of building the oven from the book…so we decided to mix the methods and make the greatest oven that Den Haag ever seen! And we did it!

I was used to build ovens with enthusiasm and participation, but with Jan i just learn to do GREAT ovens with enthusiasm and participation!YEAH!!! Thanks for that Jan :) And hopefully we can bring further our passion of building great things… not because we need to, but just because we love to!

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