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Smile making!

Some weeks ago i was asked to place our pizzaBAKfiets in the National congress of urban space… They guys which i work for ( in my real job) believed it was a good idea bringing the bike…i asked them what was the point of cooking pizza’s on a suit congress? They answered me: Place making! Yeah…

After some e-mails the organization of the congress denied cooking pizzas inside their hall. I was quite disappointed but i accepted the fact it could be  dangerous making fire inside the Madurodam.

I arrived to the place “a little bit” late and couldn’t park the bike inside…the guests were already in the floor and our stand was quite empty!AHHHHH… I ask them when should i bring the bike in and they answered me: NOW

Woowwwww…then i start cycling inside the congress using crazily the TrimTrimTrim and swinging through the professional public…what an experience…i saw laughing,smiles and spontaneously ┬ámoves from my seat…then i realized two things…

…people on a suit are still normal people and that i am not riding just a mobile pizza oven, but a smile making machine! YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!

The world wide web (great) spam!

Our blog became juicy and tasty for internet HTTP WWW robots…Like a cookie we get eaten by 70 comments/e-mails everyday from different kind of people that i doubt exists…they try to use nice abstract compliments and strange links to manage what they want…Sell viagra and credit cards!

BUT…Last week i’ve got three messages from the web…first Andreas from Sydney Australia…He told me how much he loves pizzas and buildings and gave me this Yeah feeling right away!

Then came Wendy from China giving me compliments about our website and pizzas…and even inviting us for some chinese adventure! Yeeeah!!!

But in the end of the week came the best…Sebastian Luiten from Colombia send me his picture wearing our herbie t-shirt!!!! WooooWWWW…Really cool! In just one week our handcraft amateur enthusiastic building cooking project got in touch with 3 amazing people! Thanks guys for being our light in the sea of spams and trashy e-mails! You make the difference:) And if anyone wanna sell us viagra again, at least try to make a pizza from it:)

Brazilian creativity:)

Hello everyone…first of all i wish a wonderful new year full with positive vibrations! I just came back from a great trip in Brasil where besides the beaches, sun and beautiful landscapes i end up discovering some pizza mysteries and inventions! And i can tell you brazilian people are really creative! First of all i did some pizzas with a good old friend of mine, Bife! Sundelly i spot him putting cachaca ( brazilian liqueur) in the pizza dough! WOOOOOOWW! I could not believe it! He told me it makes the dough became more crispy and tasty…just love it! Some days later in Rio i met an old friend Didi and her boyfriend Samuel…after using their appartment for two day we end up talking about pizzas…then they showed their invention…Barbecue pizza oven! WOOOOOOWW again…i’ve already heard about other kinds of ovens…but this one was quite special! Mixing the brazilian barbecue with the italian pizzas! Just great! Thanks guys for showing the real value of creativity!YEAH!

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