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Getting out of the cave!

Crazy thing about cooking pizzas is that at some moments you can’t eat pizzas anymore…you start dreaming about sushi or couscous…pizzas are definitely out of the menu!

BUT…when the days start getting longer and the sun start to shine that pizza feeling gets back. And this time was astonishing early! Last sunday i was invited for a dinner with my uncle and his family…soon enough i realized that we were eating pizzas, and that i was the chef cook…So in a matter of minutes i was back rolling pizzas and cutting vegetables…mounting pizzas and experimenting other flavors! YEAH…after my winter break i got out of the cave! Hello world, here we come!

Cooking with no passion!

Dear friends…yesterday i ate the worst pizza ever!It was terrible! After a long working sunday i decided to order something quick and tasty for dinner…i went to a “take away” across the street and order a pizza…at their door was hanging a sign – “”…when i saw the guy cooking pizzas i’ve got this feeling that actually he was not cooking, but assembling ingredients…with no attention, no feeling and no passion.

He built my pizza like a factory makes baby food. Quite late to abort my order since i’ve already paid my only hope was in the quality of the ingredients…but even them didn’t want to be eaten!

Nothing like your mother!

Sometimes i find myself acting like my mother! That shouldn’t be strange, knowing i’ve got the same DNA as she has…we come from the same environment and lived almost the same experiences. But…today  i saw it differently!

I’ve got an e-mail from her telling me she is coming to pay me  a visit in Holland…really excited  with our pizza project and always following our adventures she proposed a pizza party for her 70’s birthday…i said YEAH…seconds after i got myself looking at family pictures and guess what i found out? She is now cooking pizzas with the same passion and concentration as i do!

YEAH!!! This time i’ve got my mother acting like me:)

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