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Fietzerria – Sharing what we like:)

Hello people…

Last year we made the Fietzerria trip through the Netherlands… 2 weeks cycling our 300 kg pizza bike from Rotterdam to the Afsluitdijk, we exchanged pizzas for support during this adventure…and guess what…it was FANTASTIC!!!

Everybody helped us and we had the time of our lives! But the best is still to come…

…during the trip Esther made a documentary,and now after some months of editing, sound recording and short sleeping we are almost finished with the production! YEAHHHHHHH…

In 2 weeks time we will show the movie for the crew and afterwards we want to bring it public! This two weeks i will be posting some great stories about our production…starting with this one:

During the Fietzerria we exchanged pizzas for sleeping places or other kind of help people could give…why should we do the post production differently? We assemble great creative people around us and in exchange for pizza parties we start producing the documentary….and like this poster made by Surya Handayana lot’s of other surprising thing began to happen! YEAH!!!

Sharing what we like:)


Growing a Soul!

Building sometimes gives me more this feeling of growing a soul then actually assembling materials…and i can say it reflects perfectly at this oven:)

First of all was the meeting with Alexa and Ed! Suddenly¬†i’ve got an e-mail from someone really enthusiastic person looking for someone who could build a pizza oven in Den Haag…. She inviteded me for a quick meeting at their kitchen table where we made THE PLAN!!!(but of course this is not the way it goes)….during buying the materials we changed the plan so much that suddenly the spirit of the oven was choosing for us…no drawings or schemes needed! Following our feeling we came out with something much better !

A better location, a great base and wonderful stones! For almost every decision we were choosing according to our feeling, and after some days and night of work Oliii was born! The name came after the oven was finished…looking at a distance we realized it looks like and elephant…big foots, rough skin and a friendly look:)….two minutes later Ed told me that Oliii was the name of the beach where he asked Alexa for being his wife! WOWWWWW

Sometimes we need a plan, but we never shouldn’t forget our feeling! That is the special mixture for building a soul:)

Thanks Alexa and Ed…you guys are great! And thanks Maarten and Esther for that great help…Now is time for some pizzas:) YEAH!

Building your own gift!

Hello Pizza Oven Builders friends…

…the spring has arrived and the building season is started…and here is one of my first ovens from 2013!

When Paul and Marjolein got married their friends gave them a great gift: an outside oven! The only problem was that they didn’t have a clue how to begin building their own gift…there is where i came in! After discussing briefly the project we decided to start the construction…we choose to make the super oven on top of a 4 arch concrete tiles, with a extra layer of wine bottles in the button, an extended brick arch door( one and a half brick) and the triple layer for the oven. Bricks, clay/stro and clay composed the 17 cm ¬†wall…allowing Marjolein cooking her future bread:)

Soon enough i told them building such an oven it will costs at least 3 days of work…and they told me they wanted to do it in 2! Ahhhhhhh….and guess what…we almost did it! ( technically we did it…just miss the last layer of clay that takes 30 min!)…i was so surprise that we did it in such a record time! But if you check the pictures closely you will discover why…

…the crew was fantastic! Great friends…amazing neighbours and really enthusiastic hosts! You guys rock:)

Thanks Paul and Marjolein for the adventure…and see you guys soon for starting this oven up…and don’t forget: The best is still to come:) Hummm

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