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Just married:)

Sebas and Johana!

Ola Ola people…this time it is no manifest, not a new discovery or this post we are celebrating the marriage of Sebastian and Johana! Collaborative persons in all pizza projects, they asked us if we could cook at their wedding…and the answer was Hummm…let me think……OF COURSE!!!! How could we say no?!

This was the first time we were doing a wedding…normally everyone gets the idea that the catering should be chic, glamorous and full of dishes that we can’t even spell out, always ending up with a piece of salmon with some fancy vegetables at a good looking plate.

But Sebastiaan and Johana are not the kind of people looking for the institutional pre-described wedding…where everything should look perfect and expensive to be appropriate. They were looking for fun and interaction…and we can say the pizza bike is the keystone for these kind of events.

One thing any wedding has in common is the value of the moment…it is where everyone you love gets together to celebrate the love you have for your partner…it’s declaring a manifest of trust, believes and wills for the future. In such moment you wish everything goes as planed, whatever the plan is…and especially in this case, a great pizza party!

And for this we did all we could to manage their expectations…even driving 12 more kilometers after finding out our bike would not fit in the Maastunnel elevator (at just 20 cm), bringing two pizza ovens to speed up the party, creating the pizzeria atmophesphere and leading all the guests through our pizza adventure! But the best was still to come…we planned the “Grandious glamour entrance” where Sebastiaan and Johana arrived biking our mobile pizza oven. We hid the bike in the bushes and they biked it into the party:) It was amazing!

We are proud of being part of this moment…and we wish for many more to come! Congrats Sebas and guys rock :) YEAH!

My constructed soul…

Hello pizza friends…last week i was cleaning up my room and found out a old sketch book ( i have quite a lot actually), but in that one i found out a text explaining the origins of the my-pizza-oven therm…i was so glad finding out this text, because it made me remember why i started this project in the first place… refreshing my willing to do more! Don’t forget your roots…don’t forget your dreams!


“I think i discovered the biggest problem of the Modern Architecture. It’s missing the details. 

Focused on budget the small elements of a building became irrelevant … looking for efficiency, speed and standards they create abstract forms with no life or color. 

The digital world makes us slaves for the precision ,repeating in place of re-thinking, leaving no space for the unknown and no moment for the unpredictable.


The Modern Architecture designs houses like machines … forgetting that the human being is no device…he is a thinking emotional beast who has a huge demand of meaning in his life.


So,i’ve got interest to find out how to “humanize” architecture? Looking through all movements and believes the only things i could find binding the humankind are:


1- we go to the toilet at least 3 times a day

2- we dream

3- we eat at least once a day( not everyone actually)( big shame of the humankind) 

4- we think we exist

5- we have a name!


Did you ever thought about the psychological importance of your name? Sometimes a name makes a person…and defines his habitat! So, as much as we try to bring rationality to our architecture, maybe we should start looking for his name first! 

Human architects, the ones who believes that beer and laughs are more important then bricks and cement…the ones who search for the meaning of living space instead of building sheltering sculptures.


I say NO to the product…and Yes for the life experience.  Architecture from and for the mankind…with no computer or machines dictating it.

Maybe i am being kind of idealist…but i am not afraid in denying the things i don’t believe on, i am just afraid of not trying it at all.


Like that i understood the world of pizza ovens…

For some it’s just an object, made by bricks and clay taking space in the garden…

For others a outside oven, made for cooking and experimenting with food.

But i believe a pizza oven is a symbol for much more then just an architecture culinary object… 

…for me it is my constructed soul… my pizza oven!”

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