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OK is not enough

Besides my pizza project I am an architect.I am busy designing a school in the Netherlands, and diferentely then building an oven, a school project demands lot’s of decisions and concessions between all partners. It’s a big job arranging and managing this process. What sometimes annoys me is the fact that issues like hours-fee and efficiency drawing becomes more important then the concept itself. I have this feeling we are loosing ourselfs in the world of process management and budget limitations.

I believe in passion at work. Two months ago we presented our movie at the Waterkant in Den Haag. It was an improvised preview at a spontaneous party. With cables for beamer the beamer missing, not so much places to sit and a table cover to screen our movie on. The evening was a challenge itself. Together with the Waterkant crew we decided to do it anyway! Suddenly  the cables were brought in by one of the guests, people started to squeeze up on the chairs and we put up the table cloth. Every thing was going as planned, but then Esther noticed creases in the movie screen.

For some people ( including myself) it was not a big issue, and due to the fact that we didn’t had too much time such screen was acceptable…But for Esther it was not …”How could you see a movie looking at a crumpled screen for 60 minutes?” she ask me…I told her it was OK and the screen at least fits with our “improvised spontaneous movie”, but she answered me: OK is not enough!

Two minutes later a guy from the party jumped on his scooter running against time to get a flat-iron, and just one minute before the start we could put up the ironed screen with the help from the audience! YEAHHHHHH….it was beautiful!

Sometimes I wish this kind of passion emerges at my work…this concession that OK is not enough. Not deciding for the easy or the cheap, for the fast or the handy, but going for the best and the right. Let’s make space for emotion and passion between our straight digital lines!


Estafette in dutch means Relay Race…that modality in the Olympics where all these people are running( or swimming) like crazy and passing by the baton(kind of stick) from one to another…Is a collective individual race where as important as speed is the ability of giving away. What impressed me most is that not always the teams with the fastest players wins.

With every pizza party I have this same goal which I am dying to achieve…passing my Baton to a new pizza baker! Our parties are mostly participative, but just rolling the dough or mouting the pizzas doesn’t make you a pizza baker…you have to cook!

I have to say have’nt always achieved my goal… not everyone in the world that is as interested in wood ovens like me…but once in a while I meet my own folk:) Last time was at Bastiaan and Monique’s neighborhood party. They asked us for cooking in their communal garden, for them and their neighbors…I was skeptic about the weather but agreed cooking one last time this year for these amazing people! And there it happened…soon enough everyone was caring about this boy…he was coping with illnes but his will of being a Pizza Baker was bigger then his weakness…suddenly he became a Pizza Baker, claiming my pizza shovel and controlling the fire!

Like the “Estafette”, the art of cooking pizza does not rely just in the perfect pizza, but also in the idea of passing by this feeling of being part of something that really makes the difference! This ability requires one hard decision, stepping back and giving space for the other… And if you can do that…running like crazy becomes unnecessary for winning!

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