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Dancing pizzas:)


Here we go again…the sun came out and everyone (specially here in The Netherlands) are going outside from their cave:) The perfect timing for starting our new season of cooking, laughing and inventing things with the Fietzerria! YEAH

The first pizza party already took place in Den Haag some weeks ago…and it was a special one:)

Last year we produced our documentary Fietzerria by exchanging pizzas for everything…from film editing to the rent of the cinema…everyone got pizzas for their work. But it was missing one important payoff to be done…Kees Gelderblom and his music! He and Lilian Vieira made an amazing soundtrack for our movie, bringing the brazilian atmosphere into our polder images! Songs like the Fietzerria and Vai brought a new dimension for our adventure, pushing us for making a better movie. All thanks for Kees and his composition!

Kees told us that the birthday of their daughters was coming up, so we decided was time for us bringing some pizzas into their home:) And guess what, it was great! Thanks Kees, Bertha and the girls…you guys were great:) And hopefully we will make much more dancing pizzas soon!

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