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My first memory…

…the one I will always remember!

My first memory was playing at my aunts house in Campinas…it’s about playing with my flying car on a great white bench on a beautiful sunny day! Everyone was like a giant to me and I was just fascinated about the car and that bench!

Last month  we cooked pizzas with Ramses, Kim and their neighbours….It was not the first time we cooked there, but for the children everything seemed new!

In between jumping on the huge bouncing castle, playing football and catch me if you can,  we made dough together with the kids.  For the first time I didn’t do it just by myself. They called me Tomato ( they could’t say Renato) and we started mixing the flour, olive oil , sugar, salt and water…Everyone could do something. I could see in they eyes that they took the task very seriously. The magic of assembling strange ingredients and creating something completely new caught their attention.

After the party one of the parents asked us: “I don’t know if you guys realised it, but giving them a chance to help cooking for the whole neighbourhood might as well have made such an impression on them that it could become their first memory.”…Wow!!!

We started this project to inspire people! But I never realised we could be part of one of their first memories in life! Maybe our simple flour and the olive oil could become part of their dreams…and me, Tomato would always be that tall huge legged guy which brought them that moment of recording!


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