PIZZA journal


Nice thing about blogging is that you know you are not alone…everyone can blog! Just make an account and start telling stories! Two weeks ago i went cooking with Cantal at the Waterkant in Den Haag. It was a whiskey evening and they asked us for cooking some pizzas…during our preparations was this girl sitting in front of us.

Dividing her time between a book and some friends on a boat, suddenly she noticed how a bike could transform into a Pizzeria!From our tomato sauce mixer to the parasol lamps she was getting delighted with such perfomance…not knowing that the pizzas were still to come. After so much cooking, dancing and drinking she told me her point of view, and then made a blog from it:) YEAH!!!!Amazing!

Thanks Madelinde for your story…is kind of magic reading our adventure from someone else’s eyes!

And thanks Cantal, Joris, Sandro,Rayke  and the people from the waterkant…you guys rock!


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