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Botucatu Roots!

Last week i went cooking in rotterdam with our PizzaBakFiets…We were invited for the Eden Mobiel Festival to cook in their unexpected garden…and i could say it was so unexpected that i got lost in Rotterdam!!!AHHHH…. Dani, a brazilian friend of mine who was helping me that day, said to keep calm and bike forward! That words brought me peace…and some really good memories from the past!

Daniela comes from Botucatu…the city where i got in touch with the pizza culture. When i was a student i did lot’s of trips to the “Sitio Beira Serra” farm. There i learned the basic knowledge about Green architecture, Eco installations and of course Pizza Ovens!

My masters Brant and Victor Lotufo told me the most important lesson in my architecture career: It’s not about bricks, tomato sauce or clay…it’s about using those things to reach and connect with people!

All those memories came in a flash during my rushing bike trip…it’s not about being on time, delivering the pizzas,burning the wood…. it’s about giving the people chance of being part of it! Yeah!!!! Thanks Dani for the lesson… thanks Pacific Enterprise for the opportunity…and thanks Botucatu for existing:)

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