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Fietzerria Trailer

Fietzerria | an adventure about sharing | trailer from renatojeuken on Vimeo.

I have to say our planning during the Fietzerria project is not the most usual. Is like eating desert before the starter! We began with the trip…then we thought about a script and now we finish the trailer! YEAH!Hope you guys enjoy it!

p.s: Music by Lilian Vieira and Kees Gelderblom…editing by Rayke Verhoeven and Gerard Holthuis! Thanks guys!!!!

Felicidade não se dá, troca-se.

Who is the one that defines the value in an exchange? When we decide if it’s fair? The nice thing about exchange is the justice in it.

Last week we came back to the Breek ( the windmill close by Hoorn) for screening our documentary about sharing. Anna, our host and newest great friend challenged us for doing something special…our idea was exchanging the movie with the audience!

We charged 5 euros for the film, and if the people had something to give us back we would return the initial fee.

Great plan, but always with great plans we got surprised…First of all were the stuff we’ve got…I think we could make a boat from all the maritime equipments…Secondly was the effort, from photographers to sailors everyone was donating time for our cause!

But the most special result from our evening was the fact that actually people were not just exchanging things, they were sharing it. And when you share you set yourself for the other rather then solving your 5 euros problem.

You can’t give happiness, share it!

Thanks Anna and the people from the Breek…we’ve got so many ideas and inspiration from that movie night that it will fill completely our 2014 sketch books!

Merry Christmas and Happy new YEAR everybody…It was great!


The world of little things

This picture has an amazing story…as you guys can see it is another view from our fietzerria final party at the afsluitdijk…it was taken by someone who was driving by…but the most incredible thing is not what the photo shows, but what it actually represents!

Some weeks ago i got in touch with Arn…he call me to chat about pizza project…arriving at his place i discovered he was as enthusiastic about ovens as me…always experimenting and trying new things we had a great morning thinking and discussing about all the secrets from the clay, base and mobility!

I can say i’ve got some pizza oven freaks, but they are all in Brasil or in some distance farm in the middle of the jungle. I never could imagine someone so close by with the same passion and motivation.

In the end of the morning Arn came with this picture…he told me all his friends overload him with pictures and references about ovens ( I have the same issue:)…and one of them catch me on action at the most distance point I ever been with my bike. Crazy this world of little things…some times it looks like how specify are your interests how wide becomes your world. The only thing we have to take care of is choosing something reallyyyyy nice to be interested on!

GOOOOO pizza ovens! YEAH!

P.S…and click here to see one of the best references from my inbox:

Fietzerria song…

Since we started with our documentary project one thing was quite clear…we needed a really great song! Once someone told me that music is 60% of a movie…and i can say i agree with him! Soon enough we discovered we needed help…we knew for sure that my drum skills and Esther’s feeling for rhythm were not enough for creating that song!

But who could help us? My list of great musicians was not so big, but there was a name which i could count with. Kees Gelderblom, THE  brazilian guitar player from Den Haag! With his extensive knowledge of music he was the missing link for our adventure. And he was not alone, Lilian Vieira came with him for singing and composing the lyrics! Wowwww…

When i heard for the first time the song, i was flabbergasted…wowwww…it was so cool…the accords, the lyrics, the feeling!YEAH! It became my shower/toilet/before sleep/bike run music…quite addicted actually!

Two weeks ago we went to a brazilian concert in Amsterdam, where this huge artist (Djavan) was playing. They ask Kees and Lilian for opening the show…and guess what, they played our song! It was special hearing the reactions from the public…dancing and clapping for the “premiere” of the song…and even more special for us with the opportunity to sing it together with our hart full of proud and happiness! YEAH for Kees and Lilian…you guys made my year:)


Sharing what we like:)

One year ago i’ve met a girl in a Rotterdam’s cafe…Speaking about things we liked we decided to share it with others…Our plan was making a trip with my Pizza Bike and her camera through the Netherlands exchanging pizzas for help during our journey… I was doing the food and she was shooting a movie! And guess what, It work out so well that we’ve got much more then we expected! We met new great people, explored new places and had a lot of fun! So much fun that this girl became my girlfriend:)YEAH…

After a year of postproduction we are bringing out the movie “Fietzerria, an adventure about sharing”…And at the premiere we met all people from the trip! I can say it was magic meeting them again…It reveals that feeling of being alive!

We believe that when we decide being open for the other, the other will be open for you…it’s just a matter of starting the process of sharing! And when you do, you will be surprised what you’ve got in return!

Fietzerria – Sharing what we like:)

Hello people…

Last year we made the Fietzerria trip through the Netherlands… 2 weeks cycling our 300 kg pizza bike from Rotterdam to the Afsluitdijk, we exchanged pizzas for support during this adventure…and guess what…it was FANTASTIC!!!

Everybody helped us and we had the time of our lives! But the best is still to come…

…during the trip Esther made a documentary,and now after some months of editing, sound recording and short sleeping we are almost finished with the production! YEAHHHHHHH…

In 2 weeks time we will show the movie for the crew and afterwards we want to bring it public! This two weeks i will be posting some great stories about our production…starting with this one:

During the Fietzerria we exchanged pizzas for sleeping places or other kind of help people could give…why should we do the post production differently? We assemble great creative people around us and in exchange for pizza parties we start producing the documentary….and like this poster made by Surya Handayana lot’s of other surprising thing began to happen! YEAH!!!

Sharing what we like:)


The art calender!!!

Yeahhh…next year i will make a great pizza party on 3oth july!!! Why? i just got the Haagse Art Calender 2013 and saw myself on that day:) Quite funny recognizing yourself somewhere else then the mirror…and especially on a calender which will hang in most Den Haag artistic toilets! For the ones who are not buying the calender or the ones who are coming to the 30th july party, hereby our dutch text from the page :


“Een advies: ga NIET met een 300 kilo wegende pizzabakfiets Nederland doorkruisen, als de enige zekerheid regen, wind en zadelpijn is!!

Maar raad eens… we deden het toch! Simpelweg omdat wij willen delen waar we van houden.

Het FIETZerria experiment was een roadtrip per bakfiets van Den Haag naar de afsluitdijk. Het doel was een nieuwe sociale economie te creëren door pizzas te delen . Het werd een avontuurlijke ruilhandel waar iedereen aan mee deed!

Voor meer informatie/film over onze reis  Reis volbracht door: Renato Jeuken – architect en Esther Kool – film maker (”


Yes…we talked with Giel on the 3FM radio!!! It was great!!! And you know what was even greater?We wanted to talk with him two weeks ago!!!  Our  plan was to send them the idea and ask him for his support in our trip…After writing e-mails drafts, trying to find the right words and strategy to achieve our goal we confront ourselves with one of the biggest problem of modern times…lack of time! AHHHHHH…so we decided to do the FIETZerria anyway and let destiny decides what should happen with our impulsive project…After 2 weeks cycling, cooking and filming we met  Mike Muller…and talented 20 years old journalist who was buying bread in the corner shop in Den Oever…and he asked us: Did you guys had any attention from the Media?…hummmm….NO! He wrote an article for the Telegraaf and the morning after…at 7:34 am Esther’s phone rang…in the screen: “Unknown”…”Hello met Esther!?”…”Hello, met  3FM!!!”…..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…they found us via the journal article and asked us if we could exchange some words on the radio with Giel!And… Yeah, of course! Sometimes the most extraordinary things happen at the moment we lost hope on them…the secret is just keep going with the things we believe in and don’t let small frustrations become the reason for quitting! Ram q Ram!

FIETZeeriaaaa!!!! The end!

After 194,73 km….179 pizzas….104 kilos burned wood….87 bridges….45 calzones…. 25 wild piss stops…. 16 cities… 12 days… 10 sleeping places… 6 square meters salami… 4 times “Lekkerband” … 3 days of rain… 2 well trained legs and 1 unforgettable pizza party the FIETZerria came to an end! It was great meeting people and stories along the way…We hope to see all of you in the short future to share what we have made! THANKS!!!! (Now, after this “mastercard” introduction the resume of our last days:)

Day 11 was quite funny…we slept in  real bed in Medemblik after some weeks in a tent…and i can say it was good….REALLY good!!! Our plan was saving energy for the big cross, the road between our camping and Den Oever…this was actually the first day we got an deadline :) The cycling was great untill we decided to make a “short-cut” through the Den Oever forest…and guess what…we got lost!!!! After some GPS moments the cycling path was found and we followed it…and for our surprise the end of the path was not in the road, but in the bushes!!AHHHHHHHHHHH…A 300 kg bike getting stuck in the middle of the woods…Thanks god our Amazonian feeling came up and we discovered the good path leading us to Den Oever! Getting there we got a really warm welcome form Hetty and the ladies from the snack bar!!! Thanks!!!

Day 12 was the big day!!!! The FIETZeeria finally was going to depart for the ultimate adventure…bike and cook pizzas at the same time through the Afsluitdijk…We met up with Liesbeth, Laurens, Elisabeth,Govert, Piet and Sjaan for the job! The villagers from Den Oever gathered around for the big happening…and we can say it was a great success!!! It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL  and we had so much fun that we even forgot that we were biking the most boring cycling path from the Netherlands!!! We got lot’s of clients too… Pizzas for the bikers/skaters and the tourists at the monument! WOW…We couldn’t imagine that it was gonna be so great! We biked and cooked pizzas to Breezandijk and camped at an army shooting area ( that explains the bunked we were hanging on!)…Next day we biked back to Den Oever and met our last Hero…Kees and his family! He was so kind offering us a ride back to Den Haag with his bus!!! WOW again…We were speechless and really grateful for his ride! For this and all other gestures of kindness we are sure the FIETZeeria gather us around our believes and made us better persons ! And we believe that’s all about!


Renato and Esther!

FIETZeeeria on the road!!!Day 10

Here we are again…double post! Yesterday we discovered we should be going to Medemblik instead of Enkhuizen…finally we realized about our deadline…28 th of july at Den Oever!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…After cooking lunch for Casper we biked 18,50 km to our destination…Under the sun and the Jimmy Cliff music we got a real holiday feeling…even stopped at the swimming pool at some village  for a dive! The holiday mood was so high  we decided taking a day off from the FIETZeeria and start acting like real tourists…We did our best, but for sure it didn’t work:) We went to have a fine Portuguese dinner…and searched for hotels/bed and breakfast places where we could sleep…but the pizza oven was not in the mood of being normal…he wanted to cook pizzas!!!! Even when we were hiding ourselfs from the oven it took so much attention that in no time people were interested in exchanging pizzas for a place to sleep!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….They almost got in a fight for our bike! I was almost taking on one of the offers when the Crew remembered me about our plan…taking some rest to prepare  for the 25 km to Den Oever and getting ready for the FIETZerria on the afsluitdijk…If you are coming…bring your bike/tent/ favorite ingredients and don’t forget the happiness!!! Because without it the world is just a big piece of land with lot’s of animals on it! Here we come!!!

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