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FIETZerria on the road!!! Day 09

Hello Fietzerria friends…sadly enough the end is coming near and we still have to figure out  how  exactly we are gonna cook for the unknown number of people at the Afsluitdijk…but one thing we know for sure…Is gonna be as great as this trip! Day 09 started leaving the windmill from Anna – Jochem and cycling to Hoorn…we got the weather, the timing, the food and the energy…But our pizza adventure was quite a failure…after visiting the wrong places we end up at the skate court with some dudes doing barbecue…and we thought…we cook pizza…and you guys cook meat! But after some minutes guess who came by for a visit…THE POLICE!!! And it’s not the band! They came to control the skater’s barbecue and luckily we didn’t light up the oven yet…After lot’s of issues and problems, we decided to exchange a healthy salada for a tasty piece of hamburger! Our plan has failed…and with it all our expectations for the pizza party…we decided to bike north and sleep somewhere next to the dyke when the magic happend again…we ask directions from a man on the street, and after some minutes he invited us for sleeping at his garden…We told him we could cook pizzas for dinner, and he answered us with this: I don’t like pizza’s! Hummm…it seams like a challenge showing him how to cook a real one…and guess what…we did it! And after 30 years Casper ate a pizza and he liked it:) YEAHHHHH!

FIETZerria on the road!!! Day 08!!!

Olá everyone…the summer is fully on, and so is the cycling :) After leaving the greatest place called Monnickendam we continued our trip up north! But 10 minutes later we already got some bike problems…We are actually already getting used to them, like when you got a computer crashes and every 30 minutes you’ve got a visit from doctor …lalala…(quite forgot the name of the doctor!!!!)…but anyway…we are getting used to fix our bikes on the way…After crossing through Volendam really fast we ended up swimming in a really nice harbour in Edam…suddenly we made new friends, Corneel en Cynthia…they got a big nice old boat which we were staring at and they got an eye for our bike! After 7,5 minutes conversation they send us on a trip to find Anna and her windmill…WOWWWW…after getting a really nice welcome from Jochem we cooked the first mobile pizza in the world… as a try-out for the FIETZeeria on saturday! And i can say it was a Success!!!! YEAH!!! Thanks Anna, Jochem and Frans (the windmiller) for the receptivity…It was fantastic! And for you that got interested in such a great place…click here at Anna’s Link – De Breek – Now…Today heading to Hoorn!!!!


FIETZerria on the road!!! Day 06-07

Hello friends!!! Here we are again for the FIETZerria update…Lot’s of things happend these last days…the most important one: The summer arrived! YEAH…no more biking in the cold and rain…and we can say the  mood of the Dutch people changes according to the weather…After arriving in Amsterdam and cooking for the ‘Groene Gemeenschap’ we took a day off ( day 06) to charge some energy and recover our legs! It was a “Catalofe day”( in Brasil it means jumping a day from the calendar)…Great!!! Yesterday we left Amsterdam and decided to go to Purmerend…after meeting great people on the way they conviced us for changing our plans to go to Monnickendam…They told us  the most sympatic people from Holland live there …and guess what…It’s true! After waiting for 10 minutes in front of the local supermaket we got a place to cook and sleep ( Thanks Hans, Annelies, Wouter and Wietske  for the hospitality) and this morning we were asking someone for directions to a shop where we could buy parts for our broken bike…and the guy ( i should say Hero( Willem)) just got his bike and bought all parts for us and lent his equipament/house for the job!!! WOWWWWWWWWWWW….i kind of love Monnickendam! Thanks for being a great city with great people! Now its time for more biking… expecting to arrive in Hoorn after a refreshing swim in the Ijsselmeer! YEAH!

FIETZerria road trip!!!Day 05

Hello hello curious friends!!! Here we are already on day 5 of our adventure and we can say it’s still great to move our 300 kg pizza oven bike…Yesterday we arrived in Amsterdam…after a great day at Haarlem with our bike friends we left early for the major city! The biking tour was quite boring( we missed out on Jan’s route!) and we were biking next to the cars, boats,planes and scooters! At some moment we got our quotum of civilization and after 2 hours we got in Amsterdam! What we weren´t prepared for was that Amsterdam was as busy as the highway…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…to many people, to many bikes, to much traffic and to much of everything! Quite nice for foreigner tourist, but to much for our small low profile pizza oven initiative! Thanks God our hosts ( Erik and Bram) live in the outside corner of the city! YEAH!!!! but still…like any other pioneer we had to bike through the busiest place in Holland…The DAMMMM!!!! and guess what…we were DAMMMN lucky  just expending 3 minutes over there!!! Country side get ready…here we come!

FIETZeeria on the road! Day 04

Hello friends!!! Finally we have cooked some pizzas…and not just some pizzas…but a lot’s of them! Yesterday we arrived in Noordwijk aan Zee under the rain and wind…and nobody was there for an warm welcome! After some time sending some flyers around we decided to spread our tasty smell strategy and started cooking  pizzas on a parking place… and like magic the oven begon gathering people…after 2 pizzas the family Schreuder got interested in our project and send us a tempting invitation… sleeping at their house for the night… Humm….Yeah(thanks!!!)! After some time cooking with the kids on the parking place, we moved to their house with our best cooked Calzone from the evening!

Today was a big adventure…leaving the Schreuder house and hitting to Haarlem through the dunes…great place for a bike tour! Wonderful landscape, no wind and the deserved sun:) After riding the bike for 18,40 km we got a problem! A HUGE problem…the pizzaBAKfiets broke down! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…From heaven to hell in seconds! Pushing the bike for 4 km we tryed all bike shops in the area…but the only answer we’ve got was NO…we can’t fix it on time for you guys! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…When all the hope was gone, when all the energy was empty and all the humor disapeared, we turned the corner and we came back to heaven : t’ mannetje!!!! The guys were amazing…in 10 minutes they fixed the bike and arranged  a sleeping place ( Thanks Jan!!!) YEAHHHHH…After so much giving, it was our duty to give it back! With pizzas, of course:)and i can say it was a really “gezellig” pizza party!!!! And tomorrow, Amsterdam!!!! Yeah!!!!!!

FIETZerria on the road!!! Day 03

Dearfriends …. We got wet!!!! After biking from den Haag to warmond under rain and night( we were quite late!!!) we arrived at the misterious camping with some misterious people …I can say that trying to deal a place to sleep for pizzas at 11pm was not quite a good idea at the time! So we decided to just sleep and go!!! Today hitting to noortwijk aan zee!!! Enough with the rain, getting ready for the wind!

FIETZerria on the road!!! Day 02

Biking in Delft!

Hello everybody…The tour has started and we already got in contact with a lot of people!!! Yesterday we moved from Overshie to Den Haag on 3,5 hours of adventure! Our highlight was biking through Delft’s bridges…quite a challenge for a crew who discovered that the bike motor batteries were empty!!! Luckily it was the first day and we were quite fit for the job!Slleping at a boat in Den Haag was also quite interesting…Thanks Erik and Marriane for the hospitality:)  Today we are moving to Katwijk looking for “The Netherlands summer”! Groetjes, Fietzerria!

FIETZerria on the road! Day 01

Dear pizza friends…the fietzerria is on the road after a day of delay…and it was not the rain, the wind of the pain that kept us behind…but the wonderful news of children being born!!! And this time were two!!! After lot’s of visits and baby talk we are ready to hit the road…And for a good start, Esther did a impression movie from what we are gonna expect in this two weeks time!

Today we are heading to Den Haag, and probably tomorrow to Leiden!!! Any one interest on pizzas at you doorstep? Let us know ( 0614446411) Cheers and see you all soon…on the way, of course:)Yeah!

FIETZerria: the fastest pizza party on human history!

Once the right side of my brain gave this advice: DON’T drive your 300 kg pizza bike through rain, wind and pain! It’s not funny! But guess what….I am doing it! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….  and i am not alone:) Bringing the documentary crew with me ( need a film crew…click here!)!


Why would we do that? Because we believe in sharing what we like! In one week time the FIETZerria will be on the road, leaving Rotterdam to the north  in search for the ultimate mobile pizza party! The goal from our two weeks trip is to prepare ourselves for the fastest craziest pizza party on human history: FIETZerria, the first cycling pizzeria in the world! What about riding a bike and cooking pizza at the same time?!!!And for such party we have chosen the perfect location….the AFSLUITDIJK! Are you dutch or not? ( for you who don’t have a clue what the afsluitdijk is…click here!)Cycling pizzas for 35 km on the afsluitdijk! Why would we do that? Because we believe in sharing what we like! And what do you believe? JOIN US on this adventure and share what you like!


FIETzerria….28th july leaving at 13:30 from the Molen De Hoop in Den Oever! Here we come!!!!

The pizza building!!!

Unbelievable! Sometimes i get surprised with the way  pizza ovens can gain smiles:) Last week we support an architecture competition with Bloot architecture where we shared equally the passion between building and cooking…They entered with the design, and we entered with guess what!? Pizzas….in this case, an oven! Unexpectedly we got an e-mail inviting us for the prize ceremony…afterwards we got another e-mail inviting us “again” for the same event…humnnn…like cooking for children who repeat the same pizza 5 times, we guess the jury like our design and maybe by any chance we should get a prize from it…and Bingo!!!! First prize at the spot! Now looking forward for building this KASKIOSK and start getting together architecture and culinary ! Yeah….and here we come!

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