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Fietzerria Trailer

Fietzerria | an adventure about sharing | trailer from renatojeuken on Vimeo.

I have to say our planning during the Fietzerria project is not the most usual. Is like eating desert before the starter! We began with the trip…then we thought about a script and now we finish the trailer! YEAH!Hope you guys enjoy it!

p.s: Music by Lilian Vieira and Kees Gelderblom…editing by Rayke Verhoeven and Gerard Holthuis! Thanks guys!!!!

OK is not enough

Besides my pizza project I am an architect.I am busy designing a school in the Netherlands, and diferentely then building an oven, a school project demands lot’s of decisions and concessions between all partners. It’s a big job arranging and managing this process. What sometimes annoys me is the fact that issues like hours-fee and efficiency drawing becomes more important then the concept itself. I have this feeling we are loosing ourselfs in the world of process management and budget limitations.

I believe in passion at work. Two months ago we presented our movie at the Waterkant in Den Haag. It was an improvised preview at a spontaneous party. With cables for beamer the beamer missing, not so much places to sit and a table cover to screen our movie on. The evening was a challenge itself. Together with the Waterkant crew we decided to do it anyway! Suddenly  the cables were brought in by one of the guests, people started to squeeze up on the chairs and we put up the table cloth. Every thing was going as planned, but then Esther noticed creases in the movie screen.

For some people ( including myself) it was not a big issue, and due to the fact that we didn’t had too much time such screen was acceptable…But for Esther it was not …”How could you see a movie looking at a crumpled screen for 60 minutes?” she ask me…I told her it was OK and the screen at least fits with our “improvised spontaneous movie”, but she answered me: OK is not enough!

Two minutes later a guy from the party jumped on his scooter running against time to get a flat-iron, and just one minute before the start we could put up the ironed screen with the help from the audience! YEAHHHHHH….it was beautiful!

Sometimes I wish this kind of passion emerges at my work…this concession that OK is not enough. Not deciding for the easy or the cheap, for the fast or the handy, but going for the best and the right. Let’s make space for emotion and passion between our straight digital lines!


Nice thing about blogging is that you know you are not alone…everyone can blog! Just make an account and start telling stories! Two weeks ago i went cooking with Cantal at the Waterkant in Den Haag. It was a whiskey evening and they asked us for cooking some pizzas…during our preparations was this girl sitting in front of us.

Dividing her time between a book and some friends on a boat, suddenly she noticed how a bike could transform into a Pizzeria!From our tomato sauce mixer to the parasol lamps she was getting delighted with such perfomance…not knowing that the pizzas were still to come. After so much cooking, dancing and drinking she told me her point of view, and then made a blog from it:) YEAH!!!!Amazing!

Thanks Madelinde for your story…is kind of magic reading our adventure from someone else’s eyes!

And thanks Cantal, Joris, Sandro,Rayke  and the people from the waterkant…you guys rock!


Thanks India

One of things I love it most is when people share great ideas…specially when you need it most!

I was asked for cooking in a school party in Den Haag…so i wake up early, clean up the bike, went shopping and cycled thru the city with the idea everything was settled…but getting there i discovered my mistake! I thought we were cooking for 100 kids…but then i realized that all parents/brothers/sisters/friends/teachers would be there too! AHHHHHHHH…

First we decided to make small pizzas, so it would fit around 7 pizzas inside the oven…but the biggest problem was that people were not pre-cooking the dough…they were rolling and mouting the pizzas at the same time…so all the pizzas were  gluing at my paddle, making really hard to lay them off at the oven bottom! AHHHHHHHHHHH again…

With just one oven and no space-time for pre-cooking pizzas I was quite loosing control… till Mansi came around with her amazing idea…she told me that in India they cook this kind of dough at the oven’s wall…and maybe should be an idea making the pre-cooking dough at the top of the oven.

I say yes…and like a magic step everything began to run again! I was soooo happy with it! It was perfect and it saved my day! Yeah!

Nice things about the multi-culturally is that we can find different solutions for the same problem!  Thanks Mansi for bringing the India solution….and Thanks India for inventing it:)

Fietzerria song…

Since we started with our documentary project one thing was quite clear…we needed a really great song! Once someone told me that music is 60% of a movie…and i can say i agree with him! Soon enough we discovered we needed help…we knew for sure that my drum skills and Esther’s feeling for rhythm were not enough for creating that song!

But who could help us? My list of great musicians was not so big, but there was a name which i could count with. Kees Gelderblom, THE  brazilian guitar player from Den Haag! With his extensive knowledge of music he was the missing link for our adventure. And he was not alone, Lilian Vieira came with him for singing and composing the lyrics! Wowwww…

When i heard for the first time the song, i was flabbergasted…wowwww…it was so cool…the accords, the lyrics, the feeling!YEAH! It became my shower/toilet/before sleep/bike run music…quite addicted actually!

Two weeks ago we went to a brazilian concert in Amsterdam, where this huge artist (Djavan) was playing. They ask Kees and Lilian for opening the show…and guess what, they played our song! It was special hearing the reactions from the public…dancing and clapping for the “premiere” of the song…and even more special for us with the opportunity to sing it together with our hart full of proud and happiness! YEAH for Kees and Lilian…you guys made my year:)


Fietzerria – Sharing what we like:)

Hello people…

Last year we made the Fietzerria trip through the Netherlands… 2 weeks cycling our 300 kg pizza bike from Rotterdam to the Afsluitdijk, we exchanged pizzas for support during this adventure…and guess what…it was FANTASTIC!!!

Everybody helped us and we had the time of our lives! But the best is still to come…

…during the trip Esther made a documentary,and now after some months of editing, sound recording and short sleeping we are almost finished with the production! YEAHHHHHHH…

In 2 weeks time we will show the movie for the crew and afterwards we want to bring it public! This two weeks i will be posting some great stories about our production…starting with this one:

During the Fietzerria we exchanged pizzas for sleeping places or other kind of help people could give…why should we do the post production differently? We assemble great creative people around us and in exchange for pizza parties we start producing the documentary….and like this poster made by Surya Handayana lot’s of other surprising thing began to happen! YEAH!!!

Sharing what we like:)


Getting out of the cave!

Crazy thing about cooking pizzas is that at some moments you can’t eat pizzas anymore…you start dreaming about sushi or couscous…pizzas are definitely out of the menu!

BUT…when the days start getting longer and the sun start to shine that pizza feeling gets back. And this time was astonishing early! Last sunday i was invited for a dinner with my uncle and his family…soon enough i realized that we were eating pizzas, and that i was the chef cook…So in a matter of minutes i was back rolling pizzas and cutting vegetables…mounting pizzas and experimenting other flavors! YEAH…after my winter break i got out of the cave! Hello world, here we come!

The 2012 season!Yeah!

Mypizzaoven 2012 season from renatojeuken on Vimeo.

Hello Friends….the winter has come and he stopped our pizza/cooking/biking activities for this year(is just a little bit to cold to do this kind of things)… It was just great…we did the nicest pizza parties , we build wonderful ovens, a great new website and shoot our Fietzerria documentary! WOW… Me and the team just want to say Thanks for the support! YEAH!…now we are getting ready for the winter activities which includes our new PDF/book “How to make pizza ovens in 10 steps” and of course editing the Fietzerria movie which is coming up next year! Enjoy our movie and see you guys soon!!!

Sharing and learning!

This are the things that makes the difference in our life’s (at least at my one!) I had always my own experiences, ideas and methods of making things like a pizza oven…but then suddenly you meet someone who shares the same interests and ideas, who is eager to grow and develop the craftsmanship at same level you do! And guess what, i met this person and his name is Jan(click here for his website)! When i arrived at his natural garden project in Den Haag i was already surprised with his work…going forward not just designing the garden but building as well! Wow…that’s just great!

He call me for building a pizza oven at the Startpunt(great school in Den Haag) natural garden. He had done once an workshop and bough a book about clay ovens, and asked me if we could make together something like that! Crazy enough i had the same book and the same will of building the oven from the book…so we decided to mix the methods and make the greatest oven that Den Haag ever seen! And we did it!

I was used to build ovens with enthusiasm and participation, but with Jan i just learn to do GREAT ovens with enthusiasm and participation!YEAH!!! Thanks for that Jan :) And hopefully we can bring further our passion of building great things… not because we need to, but just because we love to!

Looking at the numbers!!!

Actually is not about the pizza’s! It’s about what can you achieve and how far can you go with pizza’s! Today we won the “today’s winner award” from the CSS webdesign website (… and like a tropical hurricane our visitor’s number were growing crazily! I had a “wall street feeling” where somehow all it matters were the numbers…After some moments looking at them i decided to check out what all the 937 people has seen clicking the “link” button…and this were the words i saw: “We believe more in people then in pizza’s, but we also believe pizza’s can bring people together!” Actually is not about the prize or the pizza’s…is not about the number of visitors or the increasing click’s behaviors…today is about being together at the same “http://”… Thanks monkey republic and  for bringing the world into our world!!! And welcome you reader( not the number) and thanks of been part of this adventure…even if it’s just for today:)

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