PIZZA journal


I like soccer as much as i like pizza! Normally in Brasil when someone scores a goal, the TV guy screams with all his long Gooooooooooooooollllllllll ….and i really enjoyed it! Since i moved to Holland i already got use to the sober and analytic way of commentating the matches….Last week i cooked for the European match between Holland and Germany at the office terrain in Rotterdam…everybody was super positive that the orange squad would win from The Germans…but unfortunately this was not the story…( want to know more about this match, check the news!)…But what i can say that in place of screaming Gooooooooool for the victory i did scream Cooooooooooooooooking for the pizzas….with an amount of 100 people we cooked around 130 pizzas in 4,5 hours…our record so far of cooking pizzas…Yeah…we did it…and we didn’t manage alone! Thanks everyone and specially Randy, Marijke, Jef, Kess, Frankystone and the pizzaBAKfiets…with out you guys nothing was possible!Next time in Brasil with the world cup and the screaming TV guy!


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