PIZZA journal

Fellow architects…

Since I started this pizza project I had this goal: Cooking and building an oven at the architecture school in the Netherlands. It was this kind of dream bringing my stories and experiences for my fellow dutch architects, letting them fell a little bit of the brazilian way of making it. And guess what…after so much pizzas for friends, children, sportive clubs, eco-fans, rich people, business crew and cycling dudes at the afsluitdijk, I finally realized my dream.

I was ask to cook pizzas for the start of the academic year at the Rotterdam Architecture Academy…Located at Heijplaat it was quite an adventure getting there in first place…after a 6 hours trip from Den Haag to Heiplaat divided in two days i got there…and moments later i saw lot’s of architecture students discovering the mysteries of the pizza cooking…quite strange for me used to assume that all architecture students are more then welcome with the pizza skills( in Brasil they are!)

But what i saw that day was where architecture and pizzas comes together…the both are not products…they are concepts…and you can fill them up as you like:) YEAH!

Thanks Alexa for the opportunity and Maarten for that help bringing the bike to Heijplaat and bringing it back(this time with the boat!)

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