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FIETZeeeria on the road!!!Day 10

Here we are again…double post! Yesterday we discovered we should be going to Medemblik instead of Enkhuizen…finally we realized about our deadline…28 th of july at Den Oever!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…After cooking lunch for Casper we biked 18,50 km to our destination…Under the sun and the Jimmy Cliff music we got a real holiday feeling…even stopped at the swimming pool at some village  for a dive! The holiday mood was so high  we decided taking a day off from the FIETZeeria and start acting like real tourists…We did our best, but for sure it didn’t work:) We went to have a fine Portuguese dinner…and searched for hotels/bed and breakfast places where we could sleep…but the pizza oven was not in the mood of being normal…he wanted to cook pizzas!!!! Even when we were hiding ourselfs from the oven it took so much attention that in no time people were interested in exchanging pizzas for a place to sleep!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….They almost got in a fight for our bike! I was almost taking on one of the offers when the Crew remembered me about our plan…taking some rest to prepare  for the 25 km to Den Oever and getting ready for the FIETZerria on the afsluitdijk…If you are coming…bring your bike/tent/ favorite ingredients and don’t forget the happiness!!! Because without it the world is just a big piece of land with lot’s of animals on it! Here we come!!!

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