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FIETZeeriaaaa!!!! The end!

After 194,73 km….179 pizzas….104 kilos burned wood….87 bridges….45 calzones…. 25 wild piss stops…. 16 cities… 12 days… 10 sleeping places… 6 square meters salami… 4 times “Lekkerband” … 3 days of rain… 2 well trained legs and 1 unforgettable pizza party the FIETZerria came to an end! It was great meeting people and stories along the way…We hope to see all of you in the short future to share what we have made! THANKS!!!! (Now, after this “mastercard” introduction the resume of our last days:)

Day 11 was quite funny…we slept in  real bed in Medemblik after some weeks in a tent…and i can say it was good….REALLY good!!! Our plan was saving energy for the big cross, the road between our camping and Den Oever…this was actually the first day we got an deadline :) The cycling was great untill we decided to make a “short-cut” through the Den Oever forest…and guess what…we got lost!!!! After some GPS moments the cycling path was found and we followed it…and for our surprise the end of the path was not in the road, but in the bushes!!AHHHHHHHHHHH…A 300 kg bike getting stuck in the middle of the woods…Thanks god our Amazonian feeling came up and we discovered the good path leading us to Den Oever! Getting there we got a really warm welcome form Hetty and the ladies from the snack bar!!! Thanks!!!

Day 12 was the big day!!!! The FIETZeeria finally was going to depart for the ultimate adventure…bike and cook pizzas at the same time through the Afsluitdijk…We met up with Liesbeth, Laurens, Elisabeth,Govert, Piet and Sjaan for the job! The villagers from Den Oever gathered around for the big happening…and we can say it was a great success!!! It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL  and we had so much fun that we even forgot that we were biking the most boring cycling path from the Netherlands!!! We got lot’s of clients too… Pizzas for the bikers/skaters and the tourists at the monument! WOW…We couldn’t imagine that it was gonna be so great! We biked and cooked pizzas to Breezandijk and camped at an army shooting area ( that explains the bunked we were hanging on!)…Next day we biked back to Den Oever and met our last Hero…Kees and his family! He was so kind offering us a ride back to Den Haag with his bus!!! WOW again…We were speechless and really grateful for his ride! For this and all other gestures of kindness we are sure the FIETZeeria gather us around our believes and made us better persons ! And we believe that’s all about!


Renato and Esther!

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