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FIETZerria on the road!!! Day 06-07

Hello friends!!! Here we are again for the FIETZerria update…Lot’s of things happend these last days…the most important one: The summer arrived! YEAH…no more biking in the cold and rain…and we can say the  mood of the Dutch people changes according to the weather…After arriving in Amsterdam and cooking for the ‘Groene Gemeenschap’ we took a day off ( day 06) to charge some energy and recover our legs! It was a “Catalofe day”( in Brasil it means jumping a day from the calendar)…Great!!! Yesterday we left Amsterdam and decided to go to Purmerend…after meeting great people on the way they conviced us for changing our plans to go to Monnickendam…They told us  the most sympatic people from Holland live there …and guess what…It’s true! After waiting for 10 minutes in front of the local supermaket we got a place to cook and sleep ( Thanks Hans, Annelies, Wouter and Wietske  for the hospitality) and this morning we were asking someone for directions to a shop where we could buy parts for our broken bike…and the guy ( i should say Hero( Willem)) just got his bike and bought all parts for us and lent his equipament/house for the job!!! WOWWWWWWWWWWW….i kind of love Monnickendam! Thanks for being a great city with great people! Now its time for more biking… expecting to arrive in Hoorn after a refreshing swim in the Ijsselmeer! YEAH!

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July 24, 2012 at 12:48 pm

faaala Renato, blz? muito legal seu projeto, peno não estar por ai para documentar… hehehe
de qualquer forma fou acompanhando pelo seu site.
abs e boa sorte


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