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FIETZerria on the road!!! Day 08!!!

Olá everyone…the summer is fully on, and so is the cycling :) After leaving the greatest place called Monnickendam we continued our trip up north! But 10 minutes later we already got some bike problems…We are actually already getting used to them, like when you got a computer crashes and every 30 minutes you’ve got a visit from doctor …lalala…(quite forgot the name of the doctor!!!!)…but anyway…we are getting used to fix our bikes on the way…After crossing through Volendam really fast we ended up swimming in a really nice harbour in Edam…suddenly we made new friends, Corneel en Cynthia…they got a big nice old boat which we were staring at and they got an eye for our bike! After 7,5 minutes conversation they send us on a trip to find Anna and her windmill…WOWWWW…after getting a really nice welcome from Jochem we cooked the first mobile pizza in the world… as a try-out for the FIETZeeria on saturday! And i can say it was a Success!!!! YEAH!!! Thanks Anna, Jochem and Frans (the windmiller) for the receptivity…It was fantastic! And for you that got interested in such a great place…click here at Anna’s Link – De Breek – Now…Today heading to Hoorn!!!!


One Response to FIETZerria on the road!!! Day 08!!!

Margot Plooij

July 26, 2012 at 6:18 pm

jullie zijn echte Hollandse kanjers! Weten van geen ophouden en zetten door! Ik kan jammer genoeg niet bij het eindfeest zijn:-( Hopelijk hebben jullie tot het eind van deze tocht de zon en ‘leuke medelanders’..groet, Margot


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