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FIETZerria on the road!!! Day 09

Hello Fietzerria friends…sadly enough the end is coming near and we still have to figure out  how  exactly we are gonna cook for the unknown number of people at the Afsluitdijk…but one thing we know for sure…Is gonna be as great as this trip! Day 09 started leaving the windmill from Anna – Jochem and cycling to Hoorn…we got the weather, the timing, the food and the energy…But our pizza adventure was quite a failure…after visiting the wrong places we end up at the skate court with some dudes doing barbecue…and we thought…we cook pizza…and you guys cook meat! But after some minutes guess who came by for a visit…THE POLICE!!! And it’s not the band! They came to control the skater’s barbecue and luckily we didn’t light up the oven yet…After lot’s of issues and problems, we decided to exchange a healthy salada for a tasty piece of hamburger! Our plan has failed…and with it all our expectations for the pizza party…we decided to bike north and sleep somewhere next to the dyke when the magic happend again…we ask directions from a man on the street, and after some minutes he invited us for sleeping at his garden…We told him we could cook pizzas for dinner, and he answered us with this: I don’t like pizza’s! Hummm…it seams like a challenge showing him how to cook a real one…and guess what…we did it! And after 30 years Casper ate a pizza and he liked it:) YEAHHHHH!

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