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FIETZerria road trip!!!Day 05

Hello hello curious friends!!! Here we are already on day 5 of our adventure and we can say it’s still great to move our 300 kg pizza oven bike…Yesterday we arrived in Amsterdam…after a great day at Haarlem with our bike friends we left early for the major city! The biking tour was quite boring( we missed out on Jan’s route!) and we were biking next to the cars, boats,planes and scooters! At some moment we got our quotum of civilization and after 2 hours we got in Amsterdam! What we weren´t prepared for was that Amsterdam was as busy as the highway…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…to many people, to many bikes, to much traffic and to much of everything! Quite nice for foreigner tourist, but to much for our small low profile pizza oven initiative! Thanks God our hosts ( Erik and Bram) live in the outside corner of the city! YEAH!!!! but still…like any other pioneer we had to bike through the busiest place in Holland…The DAMMMM!!!! and guess what…we were DAMMMN lucky  just expending 3 minutes over there!!! Country side get ready…here we come!

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July 24, 2012 at 7:47 am

Ha die Esther en Renato, het was leuk jullie te ontmoeten, een onverwachte gezellige avond. Heel veel plezier langs het ijsselmeer op weg naar Hoorn! Annelies en Hans


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