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Fietzerria – Sharing what we like:)

Hello people…

Last year we made the Fietzerria trip through the Netherlands… 2 weeks cycling our 300 kg pizza bike from Rotterdam to the Afsluitdijk, we exchanged pizzas for support during this adventure…and guess what…it was FANTASTIC!!!

Everybody helped us and we had the time of our lives! But the best is still to come…

…during the trip Esther made a documentary,and now after some months of editing, sound recording and short sleeping we are almost finished with the production! YEAHHHHHHH…

In 2 weeks time we will show the movie for the crew and afterwards we want to bring it public! This two weeks i will be posting some great stories about our production…starting with this one:

During the Fietzerria we exchanged pizzas for sleeping places or other kind of help people could give…why should we do the post production differently? We assemble great creative people around us and in exchange for pizza parties we start producing the documentary….and like this poster made by Surya Handayana lot’s of other surprising thing began to happen! YEAH!!!

Sharing what we like:)


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June 4, 2013 at 12:33 am

Quando quiserem visitar a Escócia em troca de pizza… tô dentro, tá! Renato… pretendo te visitar em breve e bebemos aquela cerveja que não bebemos em janeiro quando eu furei o encontro da ECC!


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