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Fietzerria song…

Since we started with our documentary project one thing was quite clear…we needed a really great song! Once someone told me that music is 60% of a movie…and i can say i agree with him! Soon enough we discovered we needed help…we knew for sure that my drum skills and Esther’s feeling for rhythm were not enough for creating that song!

But who could help us? My list of great musicians was not so big, but there was a name which i could count with. Kees Gelderblom, THE ¬†brazilian guitar player from Den Haag! With his extensive knowledge of music he was the missing link for our adventure. And he was not alone, Lilian Vieira came with him for singing and composing the lyrics! Wowwww…

When i heard for the first time the song, i was flabbergasted…wowwww…it was so cool…the accords, the lyrics, the feeling!YEAH! It became my shower/toilet/before sleep/bike run music…quite addicted actually!

Two weeks ago we went to a brazilian concert in Amsterdam, where this huge artist (Djavan) was playing. They ask Kees and Lilian for opening the show…and guess what, they played our song! It was special hearing the reactions from the public…dancing and clapping for the “premiere” of the song…and even more special for us with the opportunity to sing it together with our hart full of proud and happiness! YEAH for Kees and Lilian…you guys made my year:)


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