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Fixing happiness!

Fixing Happiness

My good friend Kees invited me for cooking in Rotterdam…and how could i say no?! Wake up early in the morning, arranged all the pizza stuff, clean the bike, fixed the suspension of the oven and rest my pair of legs…everything according to plan! BUT…knowing our crazy project, i can tell that always  something to make or lifes more exciting happens! And this time it was not the route or the rain…it was the tire!

It exploded during my trip…BOOM!…not even a small pssssssss….but the classic BOOOOMMMMM!!!Ufffff it looked like game over, 4km right  from the destination!

After pushing our bike with a flat tire through Rotterdam i arrived at the party…Lot’s of kids, parents, pizzas, eating and speaking all together….but the only thing i could think about was…How are we getting home? At that little moment of panic, Evelien came with this telephone number from a guy who knows how to repairs bikes at location! WOOWWWW….exactly what i needed! Some grease in our mozarella-machine! Suddenly Peter was fixing our bike and Kees fixed everyone else’s happiness! YEAH!

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