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Founding faith!

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Is quite a long time that I wrote something in our pizza oven blog…for the last year I believed that I lived all pizza adventures we can imagine…from movies to cycling pizza parties, crazy Ireland ovens and some unfinished constructions deceptions. I lost faith on that magic once I feel in love with….till I met Rienk:)


We know each other from our “other” work…but since I mention the building experience and the oven adventures one thing got stuck in his mind: “I am gonna build on of these in my garden!”  All our business meetings end up discussing the pizza ovens, and it became his saturday project!


Once I got tired of building random ovens around The Netherlands, so I’ve wrote this manual telling people the secrets of building an oven…lot’s of people downloaded, but Rienk was the first one coming back with questions and observations! Slowly his enthusiasm and faith on that magic touch me once again…like that unforgettable sunset evening at my university in Campinas.


Still skeptical I decided to build the dome with him. I thought it would be a nice way of getting closer to my business relation, but what I didn’t expect falling in love with the pizza ovens again! Technically everything was the same…a good base, perfect bed of bricks and a nice round oven! The ventilation works fine and the chimney is great…


what was really amazing were their smiles, memories and dreams of cooking pizzas for their loved ones!

That’s all about! And I’ve forgot that!

I kind of realised that beter that knowing everything is knowing everybody!


Thanks Rienk and the family…you guys rock!


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