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God made the universe, the dutch made Holland and we gave birth to Frankystoven, the newest generation mobile pizza oven! Like his cousin Frankenstein, Frankystoven is formed by assembling  different materials, features and ideas into a living shape…in our case, a pizza oven! First, his light steel base with a suspension system…making it easy biking without  loosing half oven on the streets! Then, our compact isolation cooking floor made by warm reflective bricks…it works much better then the previous oven! But that’s not all…the oven itself is a piece of engineering! Franky has a double layer of hired steel net which helps keeping the clay together on the road trips…and the biggest innovation of them all…our water system providing warm water for cleaning the dishes and rolling another dough if needed! Using the heat from the oven we are heating water! And the other way around…cooling the oven when the party is finished! I can say Franky is one of a kind…but for sure not the last of his kind! Welcome Frankystoven, you are already part of our family:)


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