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Great things about destiny!

Sometimes destiny strikes you so hard, it makes you believe everything in the world is driven by it. I had my turn two weeks ago. I’ve got a phone call from the Royal Academy of Arts from Den Haag asking me for a pizza party for the graduation party of this year…when they told me the date, I had to say no. I’ve had a wedding planned instead! Ahhhhhh…

I was willing to do the job very much, but It appeared exactly at an already occupied day!!! Quite frustrated and disappointed, I got back to the academie to tell the bad news….no pizza for the arty people!

…. and exactly 3 minutes and 36 seconds later ….. destiny strikes!

Entered at my office two young fresh interesting people ( Cantal and Vincent) looking around and floating through the tables…interested in our architecture, green projects, our boat and everything else that keeps us busy. And  they also got fascinated by the pizzaoven project……15 minutes and 13 seconds later I asked them what their study was…and guess what, it was the Royal Academy of Arts…ahhhhhh…then I asked them which year they were coursing… The last year of course! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH….actually I was supposed to cook for them! Then I asked them if they were going to the party…and they told me NO!…..NOOO??!!…one of them failed in the last year.

I was so amazed with this story that I offered my bike so they could make a Grand entrance in their own “supposed to be” graduation party…and they said YES! or better, YEAH!


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