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Growing a Soul!

Building sometimes gives me more this feeling of growing a soul then actually assembling materials…and i can say it reflects perfectly at this oven:)

First of all was the meeting with Alexa and Ed! Suddenly i’ve got an e-mail from someone really enthusiastic person looking for someone who could build a pizza oven in Den Haag…. She inviteded me for a quick meeting at their kitchen table where we made THE PLAN!!!(but of course this is not the way it goes)….during buying the materials we changed the plan so much that suddenly the spirit of the oven was choosing for us…no drawings or schemes needed! Following our feeling we came out with something much better !

A better location, a great base and wonderful stones! For almost every decision we were choosing according to our feeling, and after some days and night of work Oliii was born! The name came after the oven was finished…looking at a distance we realized it looks like and elephant…big foots, rough skin and a friendly look:)….two minutes later Ed told me that Oliii was the name of the beach where he asked Alexa for being his wife! WOWWWWW

Sometimes we need a plan, but we never shouldn’t forget our feeling! That is the special mixture for building a soul:)

Thanks Alexa and Ed…you guys are great! And thanks Maarten and Esther for that great help…Now is time for some pizzas:) YEAH!

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