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Half built


Every pizza oven has his own story. Normally they are happy and full of joy, but sometimes what seems a perfect adventure ends up in something completely different.

Last summer I’ve got a call from a designer in Den Haag asking me for a pizza oven price…she told me they were making plans for a school in de Schilderswijk in Den Haag, and the school really wanted a pizza oven. I gave them the price and wait for the answer… four months later I’ve got a call from the same designer telling me that they wanted the oven as soon as possible for the Halloween party in October!

The week after I made a plan and start buying the materials…discussed the plans with the school and got the keys from their yard. It was a complex oven because I was building in a terrace, so I’ve needed to hang the structure on the side walls. Two big arches were needed for the base.

Soon as we started I felt some strange vibe around the project…nobody was coming along to see the construction, nobody was even interested in what we were doing. School teachers were not even looking at the window to check the oven. Feed-back zero! The only ones who did care were the children…they were excited with the story and wanted to eat pizzas at all costs.

Half way the construction I’ve heard that the project of the school yard  has stopped because a dispute between the school, the designer and city council. They disagreed at the results of the process even before it was finished. One was expecting a green school in October, the other was complaining about the bad execution and the third was saying there was no budget…and I was there, trapped in a half build school yard with my half built pizza oven.

Sometimes I ask myself what half built things makes with our lives. We build up expectations of doing something great and then we just made half of it! It’s a huge disappointment!

Is like willing to eat a cake, make the cake and not even place it in the oven. Sometimes I can’t understand why people do that. Maybe is because the lack of interest…or maybe is because the interest lays somewhere else.

At the project in the Schilderswijk I realised everyone was busy with something else. And I was there…in a half built story which I never intend to be.

I love people instead of building contracts, smiles instead of e-mails and laughs instead of voicemails…


I decided to finish the oven for the school. I gave a halloween pizza party for the kids. I payed all costs for the Gemeente and wrote this story for me,  so I can remember myself:  I don’t leave things half build.Ever!


Good night!

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