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No hope!

Sometimes we loose hope on things, places and situations…things you already assume that will be a failure…but once i learned that the last thing you can give up is hope! When there are still hope, everything is possible:) Like this pizza! After cooking for some hours at the Vroesenpark in Rotterdam with the friends of Gert-Jan, came this guy with the most impossible pizza ever for cooking. The bottom was uncooked ( normally we pre-cook the pizza dough for avoiding pizza disasters inside the oven) and his pizza was really big…so big that it looked like a calzone! I told him that his master piece was quite doomed and he need to enter the row again with another pizza!…after some time he came back with a pre-cook dough and his old pizza on top!Whooow… After seen that, we decided we will cook that pizza no matter what! And guess what, his pizza was The Best pizza from the evening! Don’t give up on hope, instead give a chance for it!

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