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The lessons of destruction!

One of the most painful thing for an architect is watching his construction demolished. We build things for the life time,like cathedrals and bridges! Realizing that your architecture is gone gives you a feeling that actually you are badly stupid builder! One of my first pizza ovens that i have made in Holland is destroyed!

In 2009 i build an oven in Katendrecht, Rotterdam for an project called “De wereldtuin”…The project was just fantastic, taking the children out of the streets and giving them lessons about art/construction/cooking/ecology/etc…They had a wonderful garden where all the kids could exercise their creativity… I was in love with the project, so i decided to build a pizza oven over there! It was an success! It felt like a glove into their activities, and it became an icon for the garden! Last year the municipality decided to stop supporting the project, stopping the activities on the garden and redeveloping the area! In the meanwhile the volunteers were gone, the garden was closed and the vandalism took place. Sometimes things turns out differently then the original plan, but this doesn’t means that the original plan didn’t had any effect… everything has an effect if you believe on it…

…and  we  believe bricks can bring people together! Even if they are in a different shape then a pizza oven!

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