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Looking at the numbers!!!

Actually is not about the pizza’s! It’s about what can you achieve and how far can you go with pizza’s! Today we won the “today’s winner award” from the CSS webdesign website (… and like a tropical hurricane our visitor’s number were growing crazily! I had a “wall street feeling” where somehow all it matters were the numbers…After some moments looking at them i decided to check out what all the 937 people has seen clicking the “link” button…and this were the words i saw: “We believe more in people then in pizza’s, but we also believe pizza’s can bring people together!” Actually is not about the prize or the pizza’s…is not about the number of visitors or the increasing click’s behaviors…today is about being together at the same “http://”… Thanks monkey republic and  for bringing the world into our world!!! And welcome you reader( not the number) and thanks of been part of this adventure…even if it’s just for today:)

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