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We love Monnickedam!

And who doesn’t? Since our first experience with the Monnickedammers we get more and more surprised about how great they are…. they are giving us tips, screws and shelter and they impress me all the time! Even when they are not in Monnickedam!

Last november we cooked pizzas in the wind mill from Anna…showing the movie and asking people to share with us what they like! We got many funny  things…but the most surprising one came from a Monnickedammer! She invited us for coming to cook some pizzas (guess where??!!) in Monnickedam!!!!

For our surprise it wasn’t her own party…but her best friends party! Ria celebrated her 65th birthday and together with Daan they celebrated their 45th aniversary. Every thing fell in place….the weather was great, the neighbours saved us from getting a parking ticket and the location – Het Weeshuis – was astonishing, an old building with lot’s of  meaning and history.

Even the building was doing his share at the Monnickedamse charm…we had to bring the bike into the garden through two doors…the first one we had 10cm extra space…but the second one turned out to be a big challenge…

The door was to small for the bike by 2 millimeters !

Luckly at the same height of the wheel axe the wall was already a little bit damaged, leaving us with the exact space to fit the bike.

YEAHHHH…even the buildings in Monnickedam are made for our pizzaOVENbike!

Thanks Ria and Daan for the opportunity…and many thanks for all the monnickedammers…We love you guys!

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